Steve Lesnard Provides Simple Tips to Successful Digital Product Marketing

Digital marketing, especially of products has been on the rise for the past few years, and the upward trajectory is not likely to slow down soon. With the emergence of more and more social media-based marketing tools, organizations need to be careful to use these platforms in the right way from the very start. Steve Lesnard, a Global Brand Strategy Consultant who has over 20 years of experience at Nike, specializes in helping businesses rethink their growth strategies, notes that although digital mediums of marketing provide numerous benefits, they may produce adverse results if not utilized efficiently.

He points out that brands which place the needs of the customer first, are often the ones which customers relate to, and they manage to create a positive initial impression amidst all the noise from the competition. When it comes to product introduction, Steve Lesnard states that the best approach is to emphasize the innovations and improvements of the product. Many brands want to announce everything that they feel their product can do, and thus lose out on the chance to highlight the features that are relevant to their customer base. By keeping upgrades simple, as well as providing a unique experience for users, Apple and Peleton are according to Steve Lesnard, great examples of how these brands chose an outstanding feature, thereby creating a storyline which they were able to communicate effectively.

The current digital marketing allows, and to some extent, encourages the use of videos and live images to, as Steve Lesnard puts it, give life to the customer experience that the product offers. Videos offer an opportunity to leave an impression on the viewer, not only related to the specific usage of the product but also centered on the lifestyle, experiences and real-life aspects that are related to those who use it. His advice is for businesses to spend time on choosing the correct, and most attention-grabbing ambassadors, who are best positioned to broadcast the chosen message and the benefits that the consumer associates and eventually remembers about a brand.

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Mathew Fleeger offer the best to Gulf Coast Western

Mathew Fleeger is among the people in the professional business world. At the Gulf Coast Western, he offers his services as the president. Through his experience in the oil and gas sector, waste management, and tanning industries has made him an expert. Also, in different areas like team building, contract negotiation and strategic planning he is well skilled. At the MedSolution he is the founder, the company deals with treatment and disposal of medical waste. Mathew managed the company for 13 years until he decided to sell it to Stericycle Inc. In taking different positions in oil and gas companies is what contributed to the experience that he gained.

The main focus of Gulf Coast Western Company is that in the Gulf Coast is the exploration and lease acquisition. The other thing is that the company hopes that in the future they will develop several acres that have potential. To achieve the set goals, all over the country the company has partnered with different accredited institutions. Many of the partnered institution with Gulf Coast Western they are in joint ventures. There is 70 percent of the firms that have entered a joint venture with the company. The other thing that’s well recognized about the company is its business integrity and ethics. It has overseen them getting an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

One of the companies that have been so involved with Gulf Coast Western is Orbit Gulf Coast exploration. The other partnership was with Northcote energy ltd. In the business, Gulf Coast Western gained 50 percent of the interest that the company was receiving. Because of the connection, Gulf Coast Western has been able to expand its services to the shoat’s creek field. The other partnership is multi-level drilling companies based in Wilcox, Frio, and Cockfield. In the future Gulf Coast Western Company has goals that they will gain 50 percent of the salt water disposal company.

Robert Deignan- A force in technology business

Robert Deignan is a tech entrepreneur. For close to 20 years, he has been doing technology business. He is a graduate of Purdue University with a bachelor of science in business management. He graduated in 1995 and immediately went into entrepreneurship. From a young age, he wanted to be a prominent entrepreneur and business owner. He, therefore, wanted to get real-world experience as he pursued first-class education.

Robert Deignan founded his first business while in school. The company was known as Fanlink. He was motivated by the need to understand what it takes to start and run a successful business. His commitment was always in the aspects of technology and customer service. He wanted to create digital technology solutions for many customers around the world who could not troubleshoot even basic tech problems. Robert was convinced that by engaging and business at an early stage, he would create a strong foundation for his future work.

Three years after graduating, Robert Deignan moved to is3 Inc, a software company, to serve as the executive vice president. This company offered a wide range of technological solutions such as digital security, personalized technical support, and computer optimization. Since he was always passionate about technology, he needed to be in an environment where he would grow his knowledge further.

The organizations that Robert Deignan worked for a served as the stepping stones he needed to create his own business. In 2011, he co-founded ATS Digital Services, LLC, where he currently serves as the CEO. From the wealth of knowledge and information gathered from his previous experience, he was able to create a company that offers a wide range of solutions.

ATS Digital Services is a culmination of all the efforts that Robert Deignan had put into the tech industry. He has created a company that will help customers to solve almost any technical problem that you can imagine. From mobile devices, data storage, and others, ATS serves as a one-stop shop for all tech problems.

Due to his longtime experience in the industry, he understands the role of customer service in the growth of a company. He is, therefore, imparting this knowledge in all his employees so that they can serve the customers in the right manner.

Louis Chenevert Reveals the Secret on How to Improve a Business

The United Technologies Corporation is a company headed Louis Chenevert. Louis pursued a bachelors degree in production management and started working after graduating. He is known to have served at various capacities in the companies including serving as a Director and a CEO. Louis has worked for several other companies such as General Motors company and Pratt & Whitney. This successful entrepreneur goes ahead and shares the secrets on how one can invest in their workers as a way of improving their business.

Louis Chenevert says that most business owners are often faced with the dilemma of how to improve their businesses. Most of their ideas are based on the use of new technology and outsourcing experts to help in running the business. Louis recommends that the most convenient way to improve one’s business is by putting an investment to their existing workers. This is because some workers possess very good and useful skills that when unleashed can help take a company to greater heights. Louis adds that giving promotion to an existing worker enables other workers to realize about the internal promotions. It is said that most employees often quit their jobs since they don’t have any hope for getting a promotion.

Louis gives various ways in which a business owner can invest in employees. The very first way is ensuring that the employees are excited about where they work. This can be achieved by making sure that issues to do with politics in the office are totally avoided and having areas at the workplace where one can take some break. This makes the employees to always have the urge to spend time in the office which will in turn make them highly productive. Luis further says that an employer who is concerned about their workers doesn’t find the idea of incurring extra expenses on the workers difficult. One can come up with a program that assists the employees to boost their education levels as they work. Team building is also a very crucial element in business boosting.

Sharon Prince Shares Her Sentiments On The Subject Of Hopeful Spaces


About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince serves as the president and chair of the Grace Farms Foundations that has been in existence since 2009. The foundation operates privately where its main focus is on enhancing lives by engaging individuals with arts, nature, faith, community, and justice.

Sharon Prince graduated from the University of Tulsa from where she earned her BS/BA and MBA respectively. Before establishing the Grace Farms Foundation, Ms. Prince served as the president of a Technical Outerwear Company in which she led in the development and distribution of 100 stores in North America.

What’s more, with Sharon Prince at the helm, Grace Farms Foundation has won numerous awards for its contribution in the various avenues such as environmental sustainability and architecture among others.

About Sharon Prince’s Perspective on Hopeful Spaces

Sharon Prince attributes hopeful spaces as the force behind the great communication and advancement of the positivity in the world. The River Building, for instance, is an example of the remarkable architectures of Grace Farms where it has natural light that radiates 360 degrees to an open view of the beautiful landscape.

Besides, the roofing of the building that sits on the 80-acre piece of land has an attractive and curvaceous design that is made of reflecting material that reflects the sky, adding onto its magnificent scenery.

Furthermore, Ms. Prince believes that integrating this significant architectural design with nature by having more than 80 birds, meadows, and roaming pollinators can bring a sense of peace and awe to any given individual touring River Building.

Furthermore, Sharon Prince says that while space can bring inspiration, it, however, cannot bring change but it is the people who should work towards a vision combined with commitment and determination.

The Grace Foundation, therefore, works by bringing collaborations and integrating their various disciplines of arts, community, faith, and justice besides sharing their expertise with the federal law enforcers to stop wildlife trafficking and slavery. Get Additional Information Here.

Additionally, the organization’s nature and justice initiatives have even built a model to combat wildlife trafficking and transnational crimes that include human trafficking.


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A Vision of the Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University puts a unique craft into the hands of the artists attending their programs. You won’t find a traditional, sit down style of learning here. This school promotes the experience of developing creativity through a hands-on learning environment in a community of like-minded citizens.

Brought to life in 1929, this institution still has it’s family roots in their leadership and a vision for helping shape and propel the future of the arts in the United States. A rigorous community of Fashion, Game Development, Animation, Advertising, Photography, Acting, Advertising, and Music Production are just a few of the members that make up this dynamic campus.

Rooted in the modern bustle of San Francisco, the campus experience is woven seamlessly into the city. Creative and academic support is a critical component of the education including a health and wellness program that promotes the personal development of the student. University life combines living with learning in a modern, forward-thinking presentation with a variety of living styles offered. Developing the artists of tomorrow in the largest school of it’s kind in the USA, the leaders of Academy of Art University seek to individualize the participation of their students.

The culmination of the education is a portfolio that reflects a deep exploration of the student’s field. However, the cross curriculum offered will round artists and help secure an economically feasible future. Not only is this school encouraging their students to shape the future, they are staying ahead of trends and making sure their vision is one into which their students can grow.

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Boraie Development is on a Perpetual Journey with Shaquille O’Neal in the Real Estate Market

Some few years ago, Boraie Development’s The Aspire, a luxury tower, opened up for leasing in the heart of New Brunswick. The Aspire is one of Boraie’s fancy properties that marries modern design with convenience. Apart from being strategically located near New Brunswick train station, the property has great facilities that makes it one of the high-end properties in the area.

Ranging from recreational facilities to ample parking space, the tower has many perks that makes trendy renters want to reside in it. Boraie Development has been consistent in building awesome properties across New Jersey. In an effort to advance its mission, it partnered with Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA player.

Shaquille O’Neal brings his financial muscle while Boraie brings extensive experience and expertise in property development. The two combined efforts to renovate CityPlex12 Newark. Mr. O’Neal and the property developer have invested in many other projects including a $60 million rental complex in Newark. The former basketball player finds it in his heart to give back to the community through his activities with the property developer.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick-based property developer focused on all areas of the urban real estate market: property management, real estate development and sales/marketing. The company’s team is committed to developing spectacular properties while providing unmatched services to their clients. Over the period it has been in operation, it works with strong financial institutions, visionary architects as well as highly qualified, competent contractors to deliver projects on time.

Gino Pozzo: Succeeding In the Soccer Industry

Gino Pozzo, the owner of Watford, is one of the most talked about figures in the sporting world today. He is known for moving lower-division football clubs from the bottom positions to the top leagues in their respective countries. He was born in Italy to Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, who were passionate about sports. He was also related to the former presidents of Udinese Calcio Football Club through his mother and has since maintained the loyalty to the club to date. Gino moved to the United States at the age of 18 years for a Masters at Harvard University and later to Spain after getting married. He lived in Barcelona for 20 years with his family before moving to London in 2013 to focus on the day to day operations of Watford.

The Pozzo family purchased Watford in 2012 when the club was heavily indebted and struggling to get to the top from the Fourth Division. They were positive about the potential of the club and convinced that the club would move to the top. Gino was a fan of English football and considered it to be a completely different experience. The family was named in 2015 as the European Soccer’s Ascendant Family for being the first family to own football clubs in Italy, Spain, and England.

In 2015, the three football clubs owned by the Pozzo family were participating in the top competitions in their respective countries. Watford had successfully moved from the Fourth Division to the premier league four years later. In 2016, Gino Pozzo decided to sell his shares at the Granada FC, Italy based club, to Jiang Lizhang to concentrate more on Udinese and Watford. The football industry is worth much and running it requires investment motives as much as it does passion. The Pozzo family seems to be aware of this and continues to make more significant moves towards profitability.

Heather Parry still flying high at Live Nation

Heather Parry is one of the elite TV and film producers, and her star continues to shine at Live Nation Productions with several top-flight projects such as A Star Is Born. Since she joined Live Nation back in 2015 , Heather has been at the helm of some of the most successful company projects such as Sean Combs documentary , Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story , Believer documentary about Imagine Dragon’s star , Dan Reynold , and Lady Gaga’s documentary , Five Foot Two.

Heather Parry

With her dedication and her relentless motivation to push her creativity to the edge in every project she works on, it is not surprising that success has been a loyal companion to Heather Parry. As Sean Diddy Combs says, working with Perry was a delight for him and his team, seeing that Heather is 101% dedicated to every project that she takes and everyone can read the passion from the big smile she always has on her face.

For Heather, every project is a new opportunity to try something new from her creative store and no project is ever the same as the next project. It is for that reason that Parry and her team approaches every new project with a different mindset and the results are deeply satisfying for the audience and their clients. Heather Parry and her team are also working on a host of elite projects that include documentaries on two incredibly talented pop singers, Kim Petras, and Noah Cyrus, the latter being Miley Cyrus sibling.

Heather Parry’s successful career kicked off when she joined MTV news, at the time, being only 22 years old. It did not take long for her to climb the corporate ladder as she was promoted to become MTV’s West Coast Bureau Chief where she produced The Week in Rock and also produced 50 Cent’s famous film, Get Rich or Die Tryin.

The Innovation of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Few plastic surgeons have credentials comparable to those of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. A board certified surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar has more than two decades of experience helping patients meet their surgical needs. Dr. Jejurikar has built a reputation as a surgeon who puts the needs of his patients first. He is a respected member of the Dallas, Texas community and impacts many lives through his practice.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar received his training at the University of Michigan medical school, one of the top medical schools in the nation. He received additional training in his specialty of aesthetic surgery at the the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Today his own practice focuses on cosmetic surgery for the face, eyes, nose and body. Currently Dr. Jejurikar works in the Dallas area where he has worked in several area hospitals including the Baylor Medical Center, the Forrest Park Medical Center and the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Furthermore Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

When he is not on the surgical table, Dr. Jejurikar spends lots of time helping others. For years he has been in a partnership with the non-profit group Smile Bangladesh. This group works together with Dr. Jejurikar to help children with cleft deformities in Bangladesh. Dr. Jejurikar peforms surgeries for these children for free. He considers it a privilege to help these kids.

Dr. Jejurikar’s work has been recognized on many occasions. In 2012 he was given the Compassionate Doctor Award. Around the same time he was the recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award by the American Registry. This award recognizes excellence in providing top notch care to patients. Dr. Jejurikar has also been published in many top medical journals which include the Journal of Surgical Research and Annals of Plastic Surgery. Already the owner of an impressive resume, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar appears set for many more years of success in the surgical world.

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