The Professional Success of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful legendary business people who have made significant changes in their professions. Louis has managed to achieve within a few years what any other aspiring executive professionals would meet in a lifetime. He is a French Canadian business person who was born in Quebec. Louis attained a bachelor’s degree in production management from the University of Montreal.

Louis Chenevert’s Career 

Louis started his career by working for a motor company for 14 years. After which he joined Pratt and Whitney Canada Company that he further worked for to improve his professional skills. After having worked for six years, his hard work paid off as he earned the position for the company’s presidency in 1999.

Success at the UTC
In the year 2006, there was the recognition of his skills and capability as Louis was elected to be the chief operating officer of the United Technologies Corp. One of the significant accomplishments while at the UTC was the one-year negotiations that further yielded in the acquisition of Goodrich at a great deal of $18.4 billion. Due to Louis ability to work on opportunities with the highest potentials, he prioritized investments in advanced technology projects. Besides, he prioritized employees as he enabled 40,000 employees to attain a degree education while working for the company.
Louis Chenevert was able to receive a lot of recognition and honors during his time at UTC. Forbes recognized his efforts in the significant growth of the company’s market share in the economy. Some of the honors he received included the National Building Museum honors in 2009, The Person of The Year Award by the Trade Magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology in 2011. In 2011 he further received an honorary doctorate from the HEC Montreal. Louis also worked for an executive committee of the business councilas the vice chairman in 2011-2012.
Life for Louis after UTC 
After his tireless work and outstanding accomplishments at the UTC, Louis stepped down as the CEO of the company on 5th December 2014. He embarked on an independent advisory job at the merchant banking division at Goldman Sachs where he concentrated his focus on industrial sector and aerospace.

The Ventures of Avi Weisfogel in the Sleep Apnea Sector

According to healthcare professionals, an average person is required to sleep for about nine hours a day to give time to the body to rejuvenate. Recent research shows that individuals who sleep for less than six hours are likely to have abnormal features on their faces. Lack of sufficient sleep is also harmful to the health of a person. People who do not have enough sleep are characterized with dark circles under their eyes, loose lips, sagging eyelids, and swollen eyes. They also have high chances of suffering hair loss since follicles are usually nourished when an individual is asleep.

Dr. Avis Weisfogel has established a reputation as one of the top sleep experts in New Jersey. He has a 20 years’ experience in the field and has specialized in sleep apnea, a condition that makes a patient to lack sleep. The doctor founded Healthy Heart Sleep to share the research he had done on sleep conditions with other medical professionals. He later started an organization is known as the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, and it has been educating dentists on how to use their tools in treating sleep patients.

Dental Sleep Masters was also the founded by Avi Weisfogel. The firm is focused on studying how sleep disorders treatment can be connected with dentistry. Weisfogel has invented remarkable therapies that can be administered by using customized oral appliances to allow a patient have an uninterrupted sleep at night. Dental Sleep Masters has created an innovative device that can be adjusted to open an individual’s airway by supporting his or her jaws.

Dr. Weisfogel has also established himself as a successful dentist in Old Bridge. He started Old Bridge Dental Care in the mid-1990s, and it has been serving as his office. Avi got his dentistry degree from the New York University. He gained interest in sleep conditions while still serving as a dentist. The dentist has done sufficient research in the field and shares his discoveries with other medical professionals. He has remarkable entrepreneurship skills and has committed himself to developing his medical-based firms. Philanthropy has also been a passion to Avi Weisfogel, and he supports Operation Smile campaigns.

How Waiakea Water Started a New Trend in the Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea Water will be the first company to start producing water bottles that are fully degradable. This means that the lifespan of the water bottles will be ninety eight percent shorter. This has the opportunity to start a change in the entire water industry which can lead to a much safer world and a much healthier environment.

The bottles with be using TimePlast technology. Waiakea is the first to do this. This also means that the bottles are fully recyclable. One reason this has not been done before is that scientists have not been focusing on how to make bottles more degradable. Instead, they usually focused on how to make bottles stronger. Another reason is that when scientists did focus on research on how to make bottles degradable, they were looking at ways to make them biodegradable. However, the process being used here is different. It helps speed up nature’s process by making the bottles chemically degradable. What they do is turn the plastic into wax. The wax is then biodegradable. This process is much faster and more effective in many ways than the traditional methods that were being used to make bottles degradable.

Regular plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. It took five years and over one thousand experiments in order to come up with a bottle that is healthy for the environment and is degradable while at the same time containing all the qualities of regular plastic bottles. In addition, they were able to come up with a process that made it extremely cost effective. These bottles can be recycled in the same manner as regular recycled bottles, by putting them in the recycling bin.

Waiakea is an environmentally friendly water company that was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. The water is volcanic, and it is naturally filtered when it goes through porous volcanic rock. That is how it gets its minerals.

Waiakea focuses on the triple bottom line. This means that they care not just about their customers, but also about the impacts they will have on the environment and socially.

Waiakea also focuses on being sustainable. Their water is truly alkaline, and their prices are truly affordable.

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein’s take on Knockout Options to Employers

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is a New York-based business attorney. He has over 15 years experience. He single-handedly started a law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. It is a boutique law firm dealing with employer compensations and other business legal matters.

Jeremy owns a J.D. from New York University School of law, an M.S. from Chicago University and a B.A. from Cornell University. He has helped with transactions in companies like Duke Energy, AT&T, Verizon, Bank One and Merck among many others.

He also serves as a board member to the renowned law journal called Fountain House.

Knockout Options To employers

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein observes that many firms have since opted not to provide their workers with stock options. Whereas the reasons for that seem complicated to some companies, others stopped it just to reduce expenditure.

What leads to the frequent Blocking of Options by Employers?

There may be a significant drop in the stock value, thereby forcing the stockholders to risk facing option overhang.

Most employees nowadays know the dangers of Option compensation method. They understand that these benefits can be null whenever an economic downturn occurs.

Today’s employees do not value stock option more than the salaries which are higher. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein says that options nowadays pose significant accounting problems since the related expenses may overshadow the financial benefits of these derivatives.

Option advantages:

Options raise personal earnings when a corporation’s share value increases. It goes without saying that the staff will have the morale to work harder to the satisfaction of available customers, attract more clients and grow innovative services to prioritize the firm’s success hence raising their earnings.


Since the employees understand stock options, it can apply to additional wages, equities or improved insurance coverage. There will be relevant value to all workers.

Businesses sometimes encounter tax burdens if they give shares as opposed to options. It results from some rules governing Internal Revenue that make it difficult for employees to be given equities, forcing companies to develop compensation packages for officials at the top.

What are the solutions to the problems?

A company should see a way of minimizing overhang, previous and continuing expenses.

The best remedy is to introduce a barrier option called “knockout.” It works with time such that some shares for an amount of options expire within a given period.

So when the share value falls, an employee will lose their knockout options. Knockout leads to lower executive compensations annually hence providing the firm’s yearly proxy to show more accurate reflections.

Jeremy Goldstein argues that the knockout approach will encourage workers to produce more so that the company’s stock value does not drop lest they lose their options too.


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How Securus Technologies Helps Officers in Jail

Working as a guard in a very hostile prison means that officers need all the help they can get to maintain order. With only a limited staff of corrections officers and the inmate populating getting bigger by the week, violence is definitely at an all-time high this year. Not only are those inmates lashing out at one another, they want to make a point by attacking guests, prison staff, and officers any chance they can get.


One of my duties does not include getting attacked each week by inmates, so we welcome any sort of technology to help us to better have some degree of order throughout the entire facility.


Over the years we have been afforded some resources that have helped us to be able to keep our jail running like a well-oiled machine. The drug dogs are a key part of doing cell inspections, allowing us the find contraband that is right under our noses but just out of sight. Eliminating those drugs lessens the chances of violent outbursts by uncontrollable inmates.


The huge airport scanners in the visitor center help keep guests from bringing anything into the jail that could be used by the inmates to harm others. We uses these scanners before the inmates meet the guests and after the meetings to ensure nothing gets back to the cells.


Securus Technologies was responsible for officers being able to hear what inmates are saying when they use jail telephones. The LBS software replaces my officers who used to have to sit in that call center, so now we are a full force again, and the Securus Technologies call monitoring system scans all the calls for chatter pertaining to illegal activities.


We get immediate alerts when drugs, weapons, violence, gang issues, contraband, or any threats are being made over the phone.