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A graduate of Renmin University, Liu Qiangdong, otherwise known as Richard Liu has been an inspiration to the e-commerce website industry. is China’s largest internet retailer. With over 500 warehouses, holding more than 5 million pieces of merchandise, Richard Liu is determined to give customers variety and options at all cost.


David Rubenstein, at the World Economic Forum, inquire about the amount of choices offered to shoppers via Richard Liu explains quite enthusiastically, that currently the company has over 5 million items to choose from, with an overturn rate of 34 days for the items to sell. Mr. Liu proclaims that their goal is to have even more merchandise available, with an overturn rate of 20 days to sell.


During the Davos interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea”, it was made clear to the audience, by Mr. Liu, that the goal of is to be number one globally. When asked specifically about Amazon, Mr. Liu stated, ‘Better than Amazon’. With the audience laughing and enjoying themselves during the chat with Mr. Rubenstein, it was obvious that, not only was Richard Qiangdong good at business, but he was also good at representing the company and China. See Related Link for additional information.


When making an online order, the first thing that comes to mind are the delivery costs. If the cost of delivery is too expensive, that could make a customer purchase less items. Richard Liu understands this very well, which is why he has come up with a strategy called the “JD Drone System”.


With this system drones will be responsible for delivering the items, in rural areas. Is this the first innovative idea, by Richard Liu? No. Is it the last? Definitely, not! Wherever there is an area that can work better, Mr. Liu will find it and invest money and valuable time to improve it, making the company that much better for its shoppers.


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Tim Ionnides Info

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With its HQ in Beijing, China, the fast-growing e-commerce platform and company,, has since its establishment served to boost customer satisfaction. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the man behind its establishment and successes over the years, and he is also its executive chief

Change is Inevitable

The internet and its value which has increased over the years, boosting businesses and enabling companies and corporations to make names for themselves offered a way for However, prior to this, it held the name ‘Jingdong,’ or otherwise known in full as Jingdong Century Trade Co. Thanks to digitalization and the marvels of the modern society, it is today known as Jingdong Mall, or otherwise,

Modern Technology; the Way Forward for Top Online Retailers

The way forward for any company or corporation would perhaps be having a clear direction of where it’s headed. JD established means of reaching out to clients and prospective customers and offering their services most satisfactorily through online sales. While this boosted its outreach in the market, it also enabled the company to serve its customers best and thus attracting more. This is reflected in the tally which as by 2018, held a record of a whopping 301.8 billion customers and counting.

Does reaching out to clients and prospective customers ever get tough? Well, meet where every option is exhausted. Wonders of the contemporary society are innumerable, one being the use of drones for deliveries. takes into account the boost in their business that drones make while delivering purchases to customers in remote and unreachable areas, and therefore makes use of this great invention. Nonetheless, has recently implemented the use of robotics for deliveries. It is agreeable that being able to reach to customers, wherever they are, and offering them more than average services is one way to not only win their hearts but also those of the people around them. Read This Article for related information.

Shared Greatness’s successes since its establishment in 2004 have seen its subsequent rise in ranks among global businesses. Furthermore, it has severally been noted to be one among China’s wealthiest online retailers. The success of is the success of its clients and all customers who have been served best by the company.

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