Best Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a former diplomat who served as the ambassador of Israel in the United Kingdom. He is one of the best performing diplomats in the history of the country. Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom but due to a number of factors, he moved to Israel where he works till now. Daniel Taub attended his schooling in the United Kingdom and only moved to Israel when he was about 30 years in 19089. His role in Israel was to serve under the ministry of foreign affairs. He has been at the helm of this ministry for a long time. When he moved into the country, he was given a role in the military. He was supposed to serve as a medic officer in the military at a time when Israel was in a war. As an international lawyer qualified in counter-terrorism. He would soon move to other offices where he was given better roles in the legal and diplomatic offices.



Daniel TAUB was appointed by the deputy principal in charge of legal affairs in the ministry of foreign affairs. He also has a responsibility of serving as an adviser to a team of Israelis who represented his country in the United Nations headquarters located in Geneva and the NY.



Daniel Taub never disappointed his country. In the few years that he served as a diplomat, he made sure that there were no traces of feud between the two countries. He worked closely with both governments to develop a plan that would work for his country. His commitment to serving his nation was not in doubt. The achievements he made while serving as a diplomat are until today a benchmark that other diplomats will use. He managed to do what many other diplomats have never managed to do.



Daniel Taub left London in 2015. However, even as he left, he was proud of what he had managed to achieve in just as short time. He had managed to push the trade between the two countries to levels they have never been before. He worked very hard to ensure that Israeli goods found a market in the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub did not stop at that. He moved on and made more accomplishments especially in the relations between the two countries. He made efforts that until today when he is not in the office, his impact still being felt by the Jewish community that lives in the United Kingdom.



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