A Vision of the Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University puts a unique craft into the hands of the artists attending their programs. You won’t find a traditional, sit down style of learning here. This school promotes the experience of developing creativity through a hands-on learning environment in a community of like-minded citizens.

Brought to life in 1929, this institution still has it’s family roots in their leadership and a vision for helping shape and propel the future of the arts in the United States. A rigorous community of Fashion, Game Development, Animation, Advertising, Photography, Acting, Advertising, and Music Production are just a few of the members that make up this dynamic campus.

Rooted in the modern bustle of San Francisco, the campus experience is woven seamlessly into the city. Creative and academic support is a critical component of the education including a health and wellness program that promotes the personal development of the student. University life combines living with learning in a modern, forward-thinking presentation with a variety of living styles offered. Developing the artists of tomorrow in the largest school of it’s kind in the USA, the leaders of Academy of Art University seek to individualize the participation of their students.

The culmination of the education is a portfolio that reflects a deep exploration of the student’s field. However, the cross curriculum offered will round artists and help secure an economically feasible future. Not only is this school encouraging their students to shape the future, they are staying ahead of trends and making sure their vision is one into which their students can grow.

Find out more about Academy: https://artuathletics.com/

Sharon Prince Knows That Doing Nothing Is The Worst Way To Combat Modern-Day Slavery


Human trafficking is often referred to as modern-day slavery. The average person thinks of forced prostitution and other similar acts, but it is more complicated. Human trafficking often tricks people who have criminal records into working for free.

Sometimes, this type of forced labor is even legal, such as drug courts in the US who do not properly check the resources they use for addicts, but few groups target such practices yet. Sharon Prince focuses her efforts on the International arena, such as the former Soviet Republics.

In an article with Patch.com entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Signs Deal To Fight Contemporary Slavery”, talks about the Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Georgia and Unchain which discusses creation of set of standards and practices that promote supply chain transparency to help bring an end to the world’s largest, yet under recognized problem: contemporary slavery.

Although the country of Russia has gone backwards in recent years, especially in terms of LGBT rights, some of its former republics choose to move forward. Georgia’s president, like the Saudi Arabian prince that has recently been in the news, wants to make his state a modern state with high technology. One of the things the president must do is end the scourge of human slavery.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation helped the nation sign a memorandum of understanding with the Georgian government.

Memorandums of understanding do not have the power of law, unlike treaties, but they do indicate the intent of the signer. Georgian law enforcement resources can now go after individuals and groups they suspect of keeping modern-day slaves. See This Page for additional information.

Sadly, there are countries where the practice of slavery is still legal, but most Western and Far Eastern nations do not allow it. As most once legal practices do, the practice went underground. Several laws passed in the United States have gone overboard in trying to combat human trafficking, but the problem in Georgia is different.


Visit: https://gracefarms.org/team-posts/sharon-prince/