Music Engineer and Entrepreneur: Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur, a renowned music producer and also a sound engineer who has a reputation in working with several music celebrities. He is a rare business owner in the music industry who is concerned with perfecting the experience of the artist. He also has experience with working supreme live music performances overnight. With this admirable determination and dedication to his work, it is safe to say that he is the next big thing that artists have to attach themselves for exclusive music production.

Educational Background and Career Path

Clay Hutson went to Central Michigan University where he graduated with a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production and later got his MBA from the University of Michigan’s business school. After school, Clay Hutson secured jobs in some companies that gave solutions to live entertainment. He became a project manager and a sound engineer posts that made him learn many skills that together with his interests in entrepreneurship would help him land into a venture of his own.

Clay Hutson also works for Billy Graham’s where he was called to the altar of rock ‘n’ roll. He also was part of the 2005 world tour “Bleed Like Me” to Australia, North America and parts of Europe where he was the monitor engineer. He has also worked with big musicians like Pink, Garbage, Kid Rock and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Clay Hutson does more CAD designs and envisions sound, lighting and all that helps music performance climb the heights of quality. His type of industry as the terms is “spectacle” and the main objective and focus is always the client. He believes always in putting in an extra effort to make it work. He is the first to visualize the space in the morning and ensures all the events are clearly outlined through the day. Of late, his work has mostly been stage management where he is known to maximize his productivity and that of his team.

The Bottom Line

Clay Hutson is a believer of himself and it is what makes the end result of whatever he is producing be impeccable. He is a hard worker and also puts his family first. He urges entrepreneurs to always be honest and triple check everything in order to be confident, organized and prepared.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall Discuss The Chainsmokers History

The hyper-popular EDM / Pop sensation who call themselves The Chainsmokers have recently achieved enormous success that seems to be overnight if you’ve never heard of them before; a quick look at their discography and YouTube play count proves otherwise. On the contrary, their smash hit “Don’t Let Me Down” has 1.1 billion views so far, and their relatable lyrics are so catchy and well crafted that their global audience has grown from just inside the US to going across the globe and being completely viral.


The two guys in the group, who are former electronic dance music DJs named Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, eventually worked their way up from playing at art shows in New York City to now playing sold out shows that booked a solid 7 months in advance at major venues like Red Rock Amphitheater.


Alex Pall’s manager once knew of an intern at Interscope, named Andrew, whom Alex’s manager recommended that Alex hang out with (in an attempt to fill the empty spot in the band).


Andrew fit the bill. He hails from a little city in the countryside of Maine, and wasn’t shy to admitting that he was a ladies man. After chasing rich girls in college at Syracuse and realizing that it wasn’t what he thought it would be, Andrew and Alex eventually wrote a song about this experience and called it “Closer”. It discusses a made-up, highly relatable scenario with some ex-lovers who just so happen to bump into one other at a local pub, and who hook up with each other even after knowing everything about each other already. This tale of love and relationships really makes people wonder about the true nature of dating, and with the help of Halsey’s staggering vocals, the song went flying off the charts.

Alex Pall: Sharing Passion with Drew Taggart

Alex Pall has been in the music industry since 2012. He and Drew Taggart form the famous group called “The Chainsmokers,” and the two musicians stated that they never had a difficulty becoming close friends. According to Alex Pall, he never had any problems being close to his partner because they share the same passion for music. He also recalled how they initially spoke with one another about their favorite musicians and preferred musical genre. He first met Drew Taggart after his manager acquainted the two. Alex Pall was working back then at a club in New York City, and a man approached him, saying that he would like to make him into a famous musician. Alex Pall never expected an opportunity of that magnitude to come into his life, because he considers himself an amateur.

Drew Taggart, on the other hand, was a musician from Maine. Their manager arranged their meet up and told them that he would like to create a new musical group that would be famous around the world. The two worked together, creating new songs that they think would become an instant hit, and from the ideas of the two musicians, a new wave of songs dominated the Billboard Charts. Their songs like “Closer,” “Paris,” and “Roses,” became the top charts all across the country, and their music video that is being uploaded to YouTube garnered hundreds of millions of views. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart could not believe that they are now world famous, and they have expressed their most profound gratitude to their manager who trusted their skills and talents.

Today, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are working on new projects. They stated that they wanted their fans to love their new work, so they are putting a lot of effort into it. The Chainsmokers continues to become one of the most followed groups in social media, and their fans continue to increase. Alex Pall stated that he never imagined that his life would change because of a single decision, and he is still thankful that he accepted the invitation of his present manager back then to become a global musical icon.

Anatomy of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have quickly risen to global stardom. Dominating billboards charts with countless top hits such as “Closer” and their recent album titled” Memories”. The duo has taken over the electronic dance music world by storm and have crashed into mainstream genres as well. But what makes the music by this now legendary duo so appealing to ears all around the globe? In a recent interview with the two electronic dance music stars ripped off the covers of one of their hit songs from the “Memories” album titled “Somebody”. They gave a quick run down of the makeup of the song including the synths and sounds used.

In this exclusive interview by the Chainsmokers dissect their own song for viewers to behold. The duo show their music production software called Ableton live, a popular music creation platform used by many world wide. They also go into detail about the specific plugins and synths used to create their hit song “Somebody”. From the interview we can gather that the synths are rather basic sounds, but the magic comes from the duos exceptional ability to make simple, but catchy melodies that gravitate to the ears of every listener. Coupled with honed mastering and mixing skills the couple is able to constantly pump out revolutionary music that captivates audiences everywhere regardless of race, language or nationality.

Electronic dance music and music as a whole, has long been thought of as a method to connect people of the world regardless of how different we are. The Chainsmokers have mastered the ability to create popular music that appeals to everyone, connecting the world through common enjoyment of their stunning, simple and catchy melodies. The legendary duo will likely continue to push the boundaries of electronic dance music and into other genres of music, inevitably dominating the industry as a whole.