Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a revolutionary makeup line that has changed the makeup game every since coming out and taking the makeup industry by storm. It has been described as a freeing, unique, carefree type of makeup brand. It is also one of the 1st digitally-native makeup companies. It has become very popular on the social media platforms as well as many online sites. The trends and style of Lime Crime has taken the internet storm. They have changed the way the beauty world looks and calls fashion.   Lime Crime is about expressing your self without any apologizing and doing and wearing as you feel, free of judgement. The brand also caters to so many unique styles and senses of beauty that you can wear this makeup brand and feel that it fits your individual style and mood. They have a style for every kind of event, mood or occasion you can think of.   Also it’s good to know that Lime Crime has succeeded in being one of the few to be certified vegan and also a Cruelty-Free company. This exciting, entertaining makeup brand is the one to keep you on your feet and wanting more! So how did this makeup company become all of this and more? Well lets learn how creator came up with this innovative, creative line!   Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of her own created cosmetic line, Lime Crime. She was born in Russia but raised in the city of New York. Doe Deere made it her mission to show the world that cosmetics did more than hide scars but proved to people that it can be a beauty expression and a form of individual freedom. Doe has proved that makeup doesn’t have to look natural to look beautiful but it can fit whatever a person wants it to fit and do for them.   Doe Deere wanted to create a bold, highly pigmented and very vibrant makeup line. She started off by creating her own clothing line. She was designing and making her own designs independently. After doing that for a while she decided to create her own makeup to wear that would complement the clothing she designed on her online website. Realizing she couldn’t find those popping, bright colors she was looking for, that’s why she came up with the idea to just make them herself.   Doe Deere is a huge supporter of other women owned businesses and women who are looking to become entrepreneurs. She has spoken a lot on achieving your dreams, finding your unique voice and following your goals and dreams. She also makes sure that other women know that they can reach out to her when they need advice and mentoring through her Instagram.   Doe Deere has said that her productivity as an entrepreneur has came from her keeping her vision alive and believing in it and her customers. She keeps in her mind what her goals are and who her customers are which helps her focus on making great plans with good confidence. Also keeping her brand a positive one has help her build good partnerships which has also made and kept her business a success!   Follow Doe Deere on Instagram.