Dick DeVos Helped Put A Stop To This Damaging Idea That Could Have Hurt Grand Rapids

Early in the 1990’s the city of Grand Rapids began to put together an idea that would see a multi-use sports and convention arena constructed north of its downtown area. The plan was released to the public, and while it may have seemed like a good idea to many, there was one man who knew better. That man was Dick DeVos, and he had been through this whole song and dance in the past. It was during the 1970’s that the Detroit Pistons as well as the Lions left that city. In their wake, they left the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills, which had been built for them, specifically. This had been detrimental to the city of Detroit, and Dick wasn’t having it in his own city of Grand Rapids.


Instead of sitting around and complaining, Dick DeVos decided to do something about it. He began a lobbying effort that culminated with the creation of Grand Action, which is a group comprised of business leaders whom were the main reasons for the building of a spread of important buildings in the city of Grand Rapids. Dick has always done everything he could to make his city a better place, and he has participated in the politics in his home-state of Michigan to help even more. He was a part of the law that allowed workers in the state of Michigan to get jobs without having to be a part of a union, and he also ran for to serve as governor of Michigan.


As a man who has always wanted to do more, even though he has his hands full helping as many people as he already can, Dick DeVos worked with his wife, Betsy DeVos, to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has donated more than $138 million to arts and culture, basic human services, the health and wellness of people, churches, programs that foster leadership skills, and policy initiatives related to reforming the educational system and helping people to place their children in private schools. He also started up a charter school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which has grown from 80 students to 600 students currently.


Dick DeVos has always been an entrepreneur and a businessman who learned some of the ropes of business from his father who was the co-founder of Amway. He sat as the CEO of Amway for close to a decade and made a lot of progress for the company while in the position. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration while studying at Northwood University and attended Harvard Business School as well as the Wharton School’s Executive Study Programs. He is recognized as an alumni at Northwood University and received an honorary doctorate from the college. He also received an honorary doctorate from Grove City College and Central Michigan University. Today, Dick DeVos continues to focus on making his state and city a better place and serves as an inspiration to everyone who knows him.


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Dick DeVos: An Entrepreneur and Charitable Billionaire

Dick DeVos is one of the few billionaires who find time to give back to the community. Over the years, Dick has contributed an enormous amount of money to different charities. Dick and his wife have donated $139 million to be precise.



Following Betsy DeVos nomination to the Secretary of Education position, the couple was mandated to provide information to the vetting committee. However, they decided to post the report for the public to see. The public officials greatly criticized the move. They cited that it was a ploy to have the public turn a blind eye to their political contribution.



In the report, the couple has contributed approximately $139 million in their lifetime. In 2015, the couple donated $ 26 million to different organizations. $11 million of that was directed to the education system. Dick DeVos commented that the reason for their support to the education system was due to their passion for the system.



The couple has founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Through the Foundation, the couple has donated millions in support of Education communities and free-market organizations.



Dick and his wife founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy which was the first public charter school in the State. Aside from that, they support the ArtPrize through their Foundation. It is an art competition in Grand Rapids.



Work Experience



Dick DeVos is a successful entrepreneur, and he has built his career through hard work despite coming from a wealthy family. Dick career began when he joined the Amway Corporation. This is a family business founded by Richard DeVos Sr. The Amway Corporation is a Multi Level Marketing Company focused on household and lifestyle products.



Dick joined the Company in 1974 and was in charge of research and development, marketing, sales, and finance. In 1984, he was promoted to the post of Vice President of the Company. He was put in charge of operations in 18 countries.



In 1991, his father acquired the Orlando Magic, and Dick was appointed the President of the Company. Dick resigned as the president in 1993 and rejoined the Amway as the President. Under his leadership, the company achieved great success. At the time he was leaving, Amway had generated $4.5 billion in sales.



During his tenure, Dick participated in the restructuring of the Amway Corporation. The restructuring led to the foundation of Alticor. He acted as the president of the company before resigning.



Dick has also served as the President of Windquest Group. It is a privately held investment company.



Political Involvement



In 1990, he won the election to the Michigan State Board of Education, and he resigned after two years.



In 2006, Dick entered the Michigan Gubernatorial race. He lost the race, but he remains to be the richest person to enter the race.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.


How Adam Milstein Made a Meme Competition to Raise Awareness

Who thought inventing memes could actually reward meme-makers with real and serious amounts of cash? The Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein Family Foundation had a brilliant idea to group pro-Israel meme creators.



Yes, that’s right, there is an upcoming meme competition that is turning the internet upside down and is causing memes, which were already in a big abundance, to increase their rate of creation by a huge margin.



The Meme Competition, as the creators of the event, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, like to call it, began accepting submissions this Friday, at 6 AM Eastern Standard Time.



The whole internet began tagging the competition with their most profound and competitive memes, and everyone is having a blast while the best content creators are being awarded with spots to potentially be a part of those who will receive a part of the $2,000 prize pool.



The pro-Israel meme creators are a big part of those who provide cultural milestones for the Gen Z, as the family who is organizing the event wanted to add. The competition was an interesting way to join the internet together and bring awareness of the problems Israel is currently facing. These problems, however, shouldn’t erase all the comedy, dramatic moments and all kinds of emotions from the matter. The deepest the content, the better it is to express the culture of Israel while everyone is joined together to have a good time.



The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation received a lot of praise, one of the key members of the family being Adam Milstein. Adam Milstein agreed wholeheartedly with the project that his family’s foundation wanted to organize.



According to the businessman Adam Milstein, who is a managing partner at the firm Hager Pacific Properties. The administrator is a native from Israel, and he is a big supporter of the community and is constantly wanting to help them in their times of need by organizing events like the meme competition.



Adam Milstein is hoping that this competition will help bring people on the internet together and change some of the disparity that exists in the online world, while also promoting awareness of one of the most contemporary problems in the world.






Adam Milstein: A Prominent Philanthropist

Adam Milstein has gained experience through his involvement with the profit and non-profit organizations. Milstein was born and raised in Haifa, Israel and he is passionate about his home country. Because of his love for his country, Adam has established himself as a pro-Israel philanthropist.



Together with his wife, Adam Milstein launched the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The main aim of establishing the Foundation was to provide philanthropic services to organizations that support the Jewish communities.



Adam Milstein has used his experience and knowledge in consulting, development, and partnership to support Jewish education and pro-Israel advocacy. Adam and his family have provided both financial support, time and their expertise to all the organizations they have partnered.



Adam’s Foundation has created synergies that connect people with organizations that share the same goals. By creating an environment of corporation and collaboration, the Foundation has enabled the organizations to cater to a wide audience.



Adam has created a Podcast that he uses to share his ideas with his supporters. The channel has featured different policymakers and activists. One of the guests has been Israel investor and Philanthropist, Haim Saban.



Adam Milstein has also shared his opinion in Anti-Semitism. A majority of the Jewish community immigrated to Israel and the United States after the Holocaust. The Community has become one of the influential and affluent communities in America. However, even with the success of the Jewish community the people have not been able to fight anti-Semitism. Some organizations are fighting to delegitimize the Jewish Community through the Media.



Adam Milstein has designed programs through his Foundation. His programs have had an impact in the Jewish life. Milstein has strengthened the relationship between the community in America and Israel. He has amplified a culture of partnership and coordination between Israel organizations in America.