Sharon Prince Shares Her Sentiments On The Subject Of Hopeful Spaces


About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince serves as the president and chair of the Grace Farms Foundations that has been in existence since 2009. The foundation operates privately where its main focus is on enhancing lives by engaging individuals with arts, nature, faith, community, and justice.

Sharon Prince graduated from the University of Tulsa from where she earned her BS/BA and MBA respectively. Before establishing the Grace Farms Foundation, Ms. Prince served as the president of a Technical Outerwear Company in which she led in the development and distribution of 100 stores in North America.

What’s more, with Sharon Prince at the helm, Grace Farms Foundation has won numerous awards for its contribution in the various avenues such as environmental sustainability and architecture among others.

About Sharon Prince’s Perspective on Hopeful Spaces

Sharon Prince attributes hopeful spaces as the force behind the great communication and advancement of the positivity in the world. The River Building, for instance, is an example of the remarkable architectures of Grace Farms where it has natural light that radiates 360 degrees to an open view of the beautiful landscape.

Besides, the roofing of the building that sits on the 80-acre piece of land has an attractive and curvaceous design that is made of reflecting material that reflects the sky, adding onto its magnificent scenery.

Furthermore, Ms. Prince believes that integrating this significant architectural design with nature by having more than 80 birds, meadows, and roaming pollinators can bring a sense of peace and awe to any given individual touring River Building.

Furthermore, Sharon Prince says that while space can bring inspiration, it, however, cannot bring change but it is the people who should work towards a vision combined with commitment and determination.

The Grace Foundation, therefore, works by bringing collaborations and integrating their various disciplines of arts, community, faith, and justice besides sharing their expertise with the federal law enforcers to stop wildlife trafficking and slavery. Get Additional Information Here.

Additionally, the organization’s nature and justice initiatives have even built a model to combat wildlife trafficking and transnational crimes that include human trafficking.


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