Hussain Sajwani Redefining Luxury in the Real Estate Space in the UAE

One of the leading businessmen in the United Arab Emirates who has helped in transforming the real estate landscape of the country and the region is Hussain Sajwani. Since the early 2000s, Hussain Sajwani has been highly active in the real estate sector after he formed the Damac Properties, which has gone on to become one of the largest real estate company not only in the UAE but globally as well. The company has operations in many other countries other than the UAE, including in the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and a few other countries. Hussain Sajwani has contributed heavily to the real estate sector through the innovative commercial and residential projects that Damac Properties has developed.

According to Watanserb, as Damac owner, Hussain is always focused on finding new business and expansion opportunities. It is why he continues to develop new properties in different parts of the world that strategically place. It helps the company to boost its revenue as well as strengthen its grip on the international real estate space. Hussain Sajwani studied economics and industrial engineering from the Washington University in the United States and worked for an oil and gas firm named GASCO for a couple of years as a local contractor. However, he left the job soon to start his catering firm that he named Al Jazeera Services. Even while his catering firm was booming and growing consistently, he moved back to Dubai as soon as he heard that the government had passed a decree that would allow the foreigners to buy land and properties in UAE. More details can be read on his website.

Hussain Sajwani knew that with this decree having passed, it would become much more comfortable to attract foreign investments. Tax liabilities on the purchase of land in the country would also decrease drastically. It is how he became the Damac owner and started his real estate firm. The first purchase of land he made after moving back to Dubai was in the suburbs of the city where he planned to build a luxurious residential complex. He managed to sell the entire project in just a few days even before the first brick was laid on the land for construction.

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Bruno Fagali Is A Reputable Attorney In Brazil

It is a difficult situation when you get involved in a legal dispute. You’ll need a lawyer who can protect your rights and address the issue effectively.

If you are looking for a regulatory law attorney in Brazil, you need to consider Bruno Fagali. Do you want to have one of the most powerful lawyers by your side? Need to enlist the services of a lawyer or law firm that has a proven track record?

Bruno Fagali is a renowned lawyer and he has been catering to businesses and individual clients for many years. Bruno is a competent attorney and his law firm handles issues related to Regulatory Law, Urban Law, Compliance and much more.

Not all lawyers are created equal. It is crucial that you perform thorough research and choose a lawyer that has a good reputation in the industry. Check the background and experience of a lawyer or law firm you’re considering.

When you get ready to hire an attorney, be certain you have all details and paperwork pertaining to your case for the attorney to review. Request a consultation with the attorney and take the time to find about the attorney who will handle your case. It is important that you choose an attorney who pays attention to your concerns and questions. make sure that the lawyer is genuinely interested in providing good advice or representation.

Bruno Fagali is a top rated attorney and he has been meeting the needs of his clients. He can advise you and help resolve your case effectively. His clients come from all walks of life and are happy with the quality of service he provides.

Dealing with a business or personal legal issues like a dispute or breach of contract can be a frustrating experience. Complex legal issues ought to be handled by a lawyer like Bruno.

Any business or individual who wants to obtain the best possible outcome in their case, should consider getting in touch with Bruno. He is a reliable and reputable attorney, and he is passionate about advising and guiding his clients throughout their legal process.

For an excellent pediatric surgeon like Dr. Saad Saad, accolades for his medical work and inventions are part of his exemplary career.

Now retired from his practice as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad was an inventor and a man who received worldwide accolades from his medical peers, his patients, and heads of specific nations. Dr. Saad has had an impressive career in his 40 plus years as a Pediatric Surgeon and physician. Dr. Saad Saad is in a class all to himself for his achievements and recognition as a medical practitioner. The American Board of Surgery recognized Dr. Saad Saad as a board-certified pediatric surgeon.


Dr. Saad Saad has done thousands of complicated pediatric surgeries on children — many in the range of infants to pre-teen. Saad’s primary location of practice was in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad has done pro bono surgeries as part of his eight medical missions to Jerusalem and many pro bono surgeries on many poor Arab children.


Why did Dr. Saad choose medicine as a career?


Dr. Saad noted that he had contemplated becoming an engineer like a few of his brothers had done. However, he chose to work in the air-conditioned rooms as a surgeon instead of the brutally hot summers of Kuwait. Dr. Saad has used the engineering side of his talents to invent and patent two devices, as well as the medical milieu to be a successful and world-renowned surgeon.


What is Dr. Saad’s Educational Background Like?


Dr. Saad Saad earned a medical degree in 1971 from Cairo University’s School of Medicine in Egypt, and graduated with honors at the top of his graduating class, ranking second. Saad also gave the commencement speech at his college graduation.



How Did Dr. Saad Saad Get To Work For the Saudi Royal Family?


As the only board-certified pediatric surgeon in the U.S. to speak both Arabic and English, Dr. Saad Saad was able to impress the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia for his surgical work to be welcomed to live there with his family for over four years, beginning in 1985.


Dr. Saad Saad noted that his stay in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia turned out to be a very positive experience for him and his family. Dr. Saad was delighted to apply his impressive surgical skills to help some of the Saudi Arabia’s prestigious patients. Dr. Saad Saad was able to gain the trust of the Royal Family. Dr. Saad Saad also provided lectures about his surgical techniques and medical knowledge to a surgical club.


Because of his excellence in pediatric surgery, he and his family have been able to enjoy meeting and visiting people, worldwide. Some of the countries he has been to besides Saudia Arabia and the United States has been Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Ghana, Egypt, and the United Kingdom. Learn more:


Whitney Wolfe Enterprising and Successful Young Female Entrepreneur

     The world of dating has seen many dating apps and websites come and go, but one of the recent dating apps that have been in the news lately for all the right reasons is Bumble. It is a dating app that encourages women to make the first move and doesn’t allow male members to contact women first. Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, and she is confident of the success of the app. In only four years of its existence, it has managed to get over 25 million members, and the count is increasing with every passing day. The Bumble is live and operational in ten countries presently, and Whitney Wolfe says that people across the globe can expect to use Bumble soon when it is launched in other countries as well. The fact that Bumble only allows women to message male members first has helped the women to get a clean and refreshing experience on Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has considerable experience in the tech and dating business and seeing the growth of Bumble helped her to think outside the box. Her latest plan to help Bumble grow included the addition of two new branches of Bumble, namely Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. The Bumble BFF is an extension of Bumble that would help the members make friends online. Whitney Wolfe says that why to use such a huge member base only to help people find dates when people can also interact with each other and make friends. Similarly, Bumble Bizz is used by the members to find people in the same profession or mentors. The system is easy to use, and there are many members out there, so rest assured match is more or less, guaranteed always.

Whitney Wolfe says that Bumble Bizz has a lot of potential to grow, and even compete with Linkedin in the future. Bumble Bizz is a professional networking platform inside Bumble, where the members yet have the options to upload their work samples, skills, and resume. It can not only help find jobs but also get new references and meet new people in the same industry. If used correctly, Bumble Bizz can help build a much stronger and efficient professional network than Linkedin. Bumble Bizz limits its search area for each user, which support the members find professionals in the same geographical region. Whitney Wolfe is confident that with time, Bumble Bizz would grow to become the biggest competitor of Linkedin in the future.

Heal and Soothe

     Heal and Soothe is a supplement manufactured to help treat joint pain. The supplement uses natural ingredients as its manufacturing formula. Old Individuals are likely to endure some pain in their back or joints. Arthritis is caused by inflammations of the joints attributed to the type of diet an individual maintain. Therefore, older adults are highly recommended to take Heal and Soothe supplement with their daily meals.

When Heal and Soothe supplement is taken as a daily treatment, it helps to alleviate the inflammation associated with arthritis. Arthritis often affects individuals of 50 years and above because their body is no longer able to produce the proteolytic enzyme which helps to heal damaged tissues and absorb toxins thus reducing the aging effects. Additionally, the proteolytic enzyme is believed to boost body’s immune system, cleanse the blood, and also increase respiratory and cardiovascular functions. Thus the supplements aim at restoring this effect in older people.

The Heal and Soothe supplement is manufactured with the following ingredients:

  • Turmeric: Responsible in destroying free radicals
  • Bromelain: Extracted from pineapples and helps to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation
  • Ginger extracts: Helps to minimize prostaglandins level and soothes nausea
  • Papain: Increase body immune system and also attack cancerous cells
  • Devil’s claw: Helps to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Mojave yucca root: Helps to ease migraines
  • Citrus bioflavonoids: Protect cartilage and connective tissues from breaking down.
  • Rutin: A powerful anti-oxidant agent with a substantial anti-inflammatory effect
  • Boswellia extract: A potent Indian herb used to heal pain and inflammation and also promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • L-glutathione: A powerful anti-oxidant compound that protects the body from oxidative damage that often prolongs pain.

Users are advised to take the supplement daily together with their meals. Or take three capsules a day after every meal. One bottle of Heal and Soothe is sold at $59 if it is a one-time delivery. However, customers who will prefer a monthly delivery will be lucky to save $10 off in each bottle. Each bottle contains 90 vegetarian capsules with a 90-day money back guarantee. The Heal and Soothe promises to provide the body with material that the customers cannot produce on their own, which will help to relieve pain in the joints.

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The American Institute of Architects: Embarking On New Ventures To Improve The Architectural Sector

     Robert Ivy is someone who is well reputed in the architectural industry. He currently stands as the Chief Executive Officer for the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He is considered to be a respected person in the field and has several years worth of experience to his name. He took on the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011 and also performs the functions of the Executive Vice President of the company.

Before gaining the position at the AIA, Ivy used to work as the Editor in Chief for one of the top architectural journals, Architectural Record. He has been working at this position since 1996 and is responsible for overseeing all the operations that the various magazines coming from the company have to perform. He has also worked at several architectural firms during his career. One of the first companies that he started to work for was McGraw Hill Construction, which is a company that offers a range of architectural solutions to clients coming to them from all over the country. This was an incredibly helpful place for Ivy and was the company that laid the foundation for his future career in the field.

After spending a considerable amount of years in other companies, Ivy took on the position of managing partner at Dale, Dean, and Ivy, He was considered to be a vital part of the company, and benefited the company immensely with the numerous solutions that he implemented for the good of the company. During this time, he won several awards for his work here and was regarded as an industry leader.

Ivy first became a part of the AIA in 1990 and since then has worked with them on several projects. He has always believed that architecture is one of the things that can help contribute towards the development of society. Good planning can contribute to things like better public health and scope for more opportunities, which is why it must be given utmost importance. One of the things that Ivy stressed on when he became the Chief Executive Officer of the organization was the implementation of technology to improve the workings of the architectural sector. Technology has already had a significant impact on a lot of industries, and the architectural sector too can benefit from the implementation of technology.

Recently, the AIA came forward to announce that they were open to collaborations with software developers, app developers and web designers who were willing to work with them to produce software and apps that could streamline the kind of work that architects do on a daily basis. Ivy and the AIA want to bring to the industry the one thing that they have been waiting for.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Media Company Makes the Cut

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the managing director for Grupo. Grupo is one of the top media companies in all of Mexico and it is something that has gained popularity in other countries that also speak Spanish. Grupo started out as a relatively small company and has been able to grow a lot during the time that they have been in business. Because of this, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega knows that Grupo will continue to expand and will be able to help people with all of the media needs that they have. It is something that has set the company apart from other companies and has also given them the chance to make sure that things will be better for them.

Among the other top media companies, Grupo stands out. While the rest of the media companies are similar to Grupo, they are not the same because they do not have as large of revenue as Grupo does. From the time that the lists were first made until now, Grupo has continuously topped them. It is a large company and serves many different media purposes. The company is able to help people with everything that they need so that they will be able to get the media solutions for their business or personal use.

Since Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the managing director of the company, he is confident that he will be able to make it better than what it was in the past. He also knows that it is a necessary company to continue improving everything that they have to offer. He wants to make sure that the media section of the company is successful and that people are able to get exactly what they need from it. he is confident in the skills that come along with the director position so that he can help other people.

While Grupo continues to grow, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega knows that the company will get better with time. It is currently a successful company but it will have the chance to be even more successful in the future with the options that he has created.