Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall Discuss The Chainsmokers History

The hyper-popular EDM / Pop sensation who call themselves The Chainsmokers have recently achieved enormous success that seems to be overnight if you’ve never heard of them before; a quick look at their discography and YouTube play count proves otherwise. On the contrary, their smash hit “Don’t Let Me Down” has 1.1 billion views so far, and their relatable lyrics are so catchy and well crafted that their global audience has grown from just inside the US to going across the globe and being completely viral.


The two guys in the group, who are former electronic dance music DJs named Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, eventually worked their way up from playing at art shows in New York City to now playing sold out shows that booked a solid 7 months in advance at major venues like Red Rock Amphitheater.


Alex Pall’s manager once knew of an intern at Interscope, named Andrew, whom Alex’s manager recommended that Alex hang out with (in an attempt to fill the empty spot in the band).


Andrew fit the bill. He hails from a little city in the countryside of Maine, and wasn’t shy to admitting that he was a ladies man. After chasing rich girls in college at Syracuse and realizing that it wasn’t what he thought it would be, Andrew and Alex eventually wrote a song about this experience and called it “Closer”. It discusses a made-up, highly relatable scenario with some ex-lovers who just so happen to bump into one other at a local pub, and who hook up with each other even after knowing everything about each other already. This tale of love and relationships really makes people wonder about the true nature of dating, and with the help of Halsey’s staggering vocals, the song went flying off the charts.