JD.com Collaborates With Rakuten Inc.

Jingdong Mall is the number one customer satisfaction e-commerce company in China and Asia. It is a company which applies several technology innovations each year. JD.com, which was then known as 360Buy Jingdong was founded by Richard Liu, a highly prolific businessman in China in the year 2003. The e-commerce platform allows its clients to buy goods from their website and they get their parcels delivered at their doorsteps. It has an elaborate delivery mechanism which ensures that the customers get their packages right on time.


Recently, Jingdong has signed an agreement with Rakuten Inc. on using drones and automated delivery robots to deliver goods and parcels in Rakuten. Rakuten Inc. is a well-known innovation company in the field of e-commerce in their entire globe. Under the agreement, the two companies will combine their expertise to leverage each company’s productivity and prosperity.


Jingdong’s expertise in developing autonomous delivery robots and drone while Rakuten Inc. is expertise in drone delivery services in Japan. The two companies will join hands to improve their services as well as suit rang of situations and applications.


Rakuten first launched its drone delivery system in the year 2016 and d since them it had become experienced in providing delivery trials and services. It does so by collaborating with the local government authorities and corporate partners. It conducted its first delivery trial in 2018 using a combination of autonomous delivery robots and high-tech drones. This was the initial step in solving the logistics challenge in the Chinese markets.


Jingdong started developing drones in 2015 and launched its first commercial drone in 2016. Initially, it used to operate in the rural area of China. Currently, Jingdong operates its drones in provinces like Shaanxi, Jiangsu among other provinces. Early this year, the e-commerce company introduced its first drone delivery systems in Indonesia under the supervision of the Indonesian ministry of transport and aviation.


Jingdong Mall also has two delivery stations in the following cities of the country Hohhot and Changsha. Verily, Richard Liu’s Company has improved the logistics sector of the Chinese business market. The company’s advancements in technology and satisfaction of their customer’s needs make it the best. Visit This Page to learn more.



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