JD.com Collaborates With Rakuten Inc.

Jingdong Mall is the number one customer satisfaction e-commerce company in China and Asia. It is a company which applies several technology innovations each year. JD.com, which was then known as 360Buy Jingdong was founded by Richard Liu, a highly prolific businessman in China in the year 2003. The e-commerce platform allows its clients to buy goods from their website and they get their parcels delivered at their doorsteps. It has an elaborate delivery mechanism which ensures that the customers get their packages right on time.


Recently, Jingdong has signed an agreement with Rakuten Inc. on using drones and automated delivery robots to deliver goods and parcels in Rakuten. Rakuten Inc. is a well-known innovation company in the field of e-commerce in their entire globe. Under the agreement, the two companies will combine their expertise to leverage each company’s productivity and prosperity.


Jingdong’s expertise in developing autonomous delivery robots and drone while Rakuten Inc. is expertise in drone delivery services in Japan. The two companies will join hands to improve their services as well as suit rang of situations and applications.


Rakuten first launched its drone delivery system in the year 2016 and d since them it had become experienced in providing delivery trials and services. It does so by collaborating with the local government authorities and corporate partners. It conducted its first delivery trial in 2018 using a combination of autonomous delivery robots and high-tech drones. This was the initial step in solving the logistics challenge in the Chinese markets.


Jingdong started developing drones in 2015 and launched its first commercial drone in 2016. Initially, it used to operate in the rural area of China. Currently, Jingdong operates its drones in provinces like Shaanxi, Jiangsu among other provinces. Early this year, the e-commerce company introduced its first drone delivery systems in Indonesia under the supervision of the Indonesian ministry of transport and aviation.


Jingdong Mall also has two delivery stations in the following cities of the country Hohhot and Changsha. Verily, Richard Liu’s Company has improved the logistics sector of the Chinese business market. The company’s advancements in technology and satisfaction of their customer’s needs make it the best. Visit This Page to learn more.



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A Look At Ryan Seacreast And His Successes


Ryan Seacrest is the host of American Idol, an iconic music competition which is returning to television on ABC in 2019. Ryan Seacrest has built a successful career as a TV personality, radio personality and entrepreneur. The creative entrepreneur has earned several awards. He is also the producer and host in nationally syndicated ad local radio, and in broadcast as well as cable television.

Ryan Seacrest has been involved in several media and entertainment companies in pursuit of his entrepreneurial interests. He also engages in philanthropic activities that have far-reaching impacts across the country. The philanthropic efforts are focused on youth-oriented initiatives.

Seacrest hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest on radio. The show is a No.1 syndicated Los Angeles morning show for iHeartMedia, and a syndicated Top 40 radio show nationally. He is also a co-host as well as executive producer on the Disney/ABC syndicated Live with Kelly and Ryan. Additionally, he hosts and produces ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, and E! Live from the Red Carpet, the top awards show franchise.

He is at the helm of Ryan Seacrest Productions’ leadership. RSP is an Emmy-winning entertainment company which produces E! series Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as its spinoffs, and E! Live from the Red Carpet award shows, CMT’s I Love Kellie Pickler, Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset as well as YouTube’s Best.Cover.Ever. In addition, Ryan Seacrest Productions also produces Insatiable for Netflix and Shades of Blue. The company also produced Food Revolution, an Emmy Award-winning reality series.

Being an entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest runs a burgeoning lifestyle enterprise. The enterprise includes a menswear collection called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The manswear collection is sold exclusively at a men’s skincare line and Macy’s in partnership with Dr. Harold Lancer, a famed global dermatologist. Additionally, Ryan Seacrest has received long-standing endorsement relationships with global brands including Ford and Coca-Cola.

Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropic efforts cannot be overlooked. He serves as the Chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a charity organization which has opened over 10 broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals in hospitals across the country. He is also the member of the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as an honorary chairman of the Grammy Foundation.


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Alastair Borthwick was a successful broadcaster and author from Scotland. His books mainly talked about his adventures during the second world war and also talked about mountaineering as a sport. Alastair spent his childhood in Rutherglen, Troon, and Glasgow. He went to Glasgow High School but dropped out when he turned sixteen to work at Evening Times as a copytaker. Later on, Alastair began working for Glasgow Weekly Herald writing articles and assembling the crossword. Alastair Borthwick stumbled upon rock climbing on the open-air pages of the Herald. The sport was gaining popularity among young working individuals, and Alastair was intrigued. He began writing about rock climbing in his articles in the weekly Herald and even wrote his first book, Always a Little Further based on the topic. Always a Little Further attracted a lot of attention after it was published and quickly earned a spot in literary history. It is described as one of the most exciting mountaineering stories ever told. The book inspired many Scottish people to love mountain climbing since Scotland has several magnificent mountains. Visit This Page to learn more.

Alastair Borthwick reminded the people of Scotland the beauty of the mountains through his book. The book was published in the year 1939, and at the time unemployment was rampant in Scotland. Through Borthwick’s book, the unemployed were able to seek solace in the mountains and admire the wonders of nature. The mountains helped the Scottish people appreciate the little things in life and are grateful. Due to Alastair’s book and articles, mountain climbing became so popular that climbing clubs were formed. The largest club was Creagh Dhu whose members explored breathtaking mountains and rested in caves at nightfall.Alastair Borthwick focused on telling the full experience of mountain climbing from the people he encountered, and the emotions felt on different journeys. This was different from his peers who solely wrote about climbing only. Alastair Borthwick’s ability to capture the emotional and physical aspect of climbing in Always a Little Further made the book famous to this date. Alastair’s work will continue to be read for generations to come because he was able to capture the beauty of the mountains in his book.


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Media Personality Ryan Seacrest’s Astounding Philanthropic And Entrepreneurial Achievements


Ryan Seacrest is an eminent TV host, Radio presenter, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is executive producer and co-host of the Disney/ABC morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Ryan Seacrest is expected to be the host of ABC’s music competition series American Idol’s second season making its first debut in 2019.

Additionally, Ryan is also the executive producer and host of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” and the awards show “E! Live from the Red Carpet.” On the radio, Ryan Seacrest is the host of the topping #1 nationally syndicated LA morning drive-time show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” for iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM.

Ryan also manages the Emmy award-winning entertainment production company Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). The entertainment production company produces the awards show “E! Live from the Red Carpet” and the E! hit cable series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its derivatives. It also produces Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” “Best.Cover.Ever.” for Youtube and CMT’s “I Love Kellie Pickler.” RSP also produces NBC’s drama series “Shades of Blue” starring Jennifer Lopez and Netflix series “Insatiable.” RMS also produced reality series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” which won an Emmy Award.

As an entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest is a founder of the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, one of the nation’s leading menswear brand. The company was founded in 2014 and currently offers a vast range of products; from outerwear, sweaters to pants and many more. The Ryan Seacrest Distinction brand is exclusively available at Macy’s stores.

Apart from the Distinction clothing line, Ryan Seacrest launched a men’s skincare line; Polished by Dr.Lance, with renowned dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer forming the partnership. Ryan Seacrest also invests in entertainment and media companies. Ryan Seacrest as a philanthropist is a founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). The foundation is aimed at offering a positive distraction for children in pediatric hospitals. See Related Link for additional information.

The foundation has opened up a multi-media studio, the Seacrest Studios currently with ten broadcast media centers across ten pediatric hospitals in different cities. Ryan Seacrest also serves as a board member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and holds an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.


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Music Engineer and Entrepreneur: Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an entrepreneur, a renowned music producer and also a sound engineer who has a reputation in working with several music celebrities. He is a rare business owner in the music industry who is concerned with perfecting the experience of the artist. He also has experience with working supreme live music performances overnight. With this admirable determination and dedication to his work, it is safe to say that he is the next big thing that artists have to attach themselves for exclusive music production.

Educational Background and Career Path

Clay Hutson went to Central Michigan University where he graduated with a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production and later got his MBA from the University of Michigan’s business school. After school, Clay Hutson secured jobs in some companies that gave solutions to live entertainment. He became a project manager and a sound engineer posts that made him learn many skills that together with his interests in entrepreneurship would help him land into a venture of his own.

Clay Hutson also works for Billy Graham’s where he was called to the altar of rock ‘n’ roll. He also was part of the 2005 world tour “Bleed Like Me” to Australia, North America and parts of Europe where he was the monitor engineer. He has also worked with big musicians like Pink, Garbage, Kid Rock and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Clay Hutson does more CAD designs and envisions sound, lighting and all that helps music performance climb the heights of quality. His type of industry as the terms is “spectacle” and the main objective and focus is always the client. He believes always in putting in an extra effort to make it work. He is the first to visualize the space in the morning and ensures all the events are clearly outlined through the day. Of late, his work has mostly been stage management where he is known to maximize his productivity and that of his team.

The Bottom Line

Clay Hutson is a believer of himself and it is what makes the end result of whatever he is producing be impeccable. He is a hard worker and also puts his family first. He urges entrepreneurs to always be honest and triple check everything in order to be confident, organized and prepared.


Jojo Hedaya : From Personal Frustration To Successful Tech Company

The email account is probably one of the best inventions in our time, creating a connection of rapid communication for business and education, however, many of us can safely say that too much of a good thing can be bad. Our Inbox once contained only the most important of our emails, today the average person has difficulty finding simple emails due to the constant bombardment of newsletters and other unwanted emails.


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This problem facing many of us also affected two 24-year-old entrepreneurs, their solution, to create an app based service that provided an easy and useful decluttering tool for people’s email accounts. That service would be called Unroll.me, created by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. Jojo Hedaya stated that the vision of Unroll.me came from personal frustration when his emails to Josh kept being buried under junk mail. With 80 percent of the mail coming into a person’s inbox being newsletters, subscriptions, and updates the pair knew that there had to be a better method of email organization.

The way Unroll.me works is that when it is first installed the app will scan your email account and place all your subscriptions into a single email, this is what they call the “roll up”. The service allows users to set the time when their roll-up arrives, set it for your best time such as during lunch or after work.

The two entrepreneurs grew up in New York, however, the pair would not meet until they travel abroad to study during high school. Due to their similar phones and birthday, the Rabbi accompanying the pair decided that they should become friends. The pair which shared more things in common than simply a birthday would go on to become friends and business partners eventually dropping out of college, a move that Jojo Hedaya does not recommend and began Unroll.me.


Unroll.Me C.E.O: Jojo Hedaya

Like every avid web surfer, we all understand the pains of having to scroll through hundreds of junk emails to find that one important email. This leads to failing to answer important emails or missing that important meeting as the notification is wedged in-between dozens of junk mail. This was part of Jojo Hedaya day to day problem that led him to create an easy to use electronic mail organization tool that is Unroll.me. Founded in 2011, Unroll.me has been a success in aiding its users having better email organization thus gaining worldwide popularity since. Born on 30th December 1989 in New York City, Jojo studied in various Jewish Schools within the city in his earlier years but moved to Israel to continue his studies.

The story of Unroll.me was one between two young friends, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald . This was attributed to personal frustrations where Jojo claimed his partner wasn’t able to answer his emails numerous times. The duo meet in Israel while studying abroad despite both hailing from New York. Their friendship however was formed after discovering they shared a common birthday, this was after being urged to pair up by a rabbi who noticed they had international BlackBerry devices then.

According to Jojo Hedaya, experience was much better than a college degree. Having not graduated himself, Jojo believes that in our present society skills are more important in the current job market and that education comes in handy for those who do not have skills. However, he does not advice on people to drop college and dive in headfirst to start a company. Jojo personally considers going back to college to finish his degree as he only has three credits to complete and earn his degree.

In his own personal life Jojo Hedaya passion revolves around making and continuing a positive office culture. He does this by aiming to grow himself continuously and being a role model to his employees. Jojo is also eager in sharing his knowledge with others as demonstrated by various entrepreneurial conferences he’s spoken at. Away from work life, Jojo enjoys having quality time with his wife and son and supporting his favorite basketball team, the Knicks.


Imagine Ryan Seacrest With Long Locks


Co-hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa will present a fun-filled, every-day-is-Saturday atmosphere on Monday’s Live-After Oscars Show. Born to entertain via radio and television, the ebullient star of daytime television will don the likes of Bradley Cooper’s Jack while Kelly will channel the Lady’s Ally. A Star is Born is expected to cart off a high percentage of the 91st Academy Awards.

But we all know how some expectations experience blindsiding surprises in Hollywood. Be sure to tune in to Monday’s Live with Kelly and Ryan as they help demystify some of the jaw-dropping reveals undoubtedly shared on social media throughout Sunday night’s affair.

Ryan Seacrest serves as a mainstay of popular celebrations and globally enjoyed entertainment such as New Year’s across the globe, American Idol, E! News and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. His professional credits span nearly 70% of his lifetime since he started at such an early age securing his first broadcast show while still in high school. The family recalls Ryan displaying his talent around the house with microphones and improvised inquiries while other Georgians his age were roaming about playing aimlessly as cowboys and indians.

Ryan Seacrest has never shied away from entertainment opportunities. This has afforded him a lengthy list of credits as host, producer, executive producer, and the like. He gives regularly to children’s hospitals throughout the USA. His wealth also emanates from his extracurricular business ventures.

Ryan Seacrest owns a dapper men’s wear collection Ryan Seacrest Distinction; and a men’s skincare line, Polished.

On Monday’s airing, the duo will also share with their faithful audience backstage and red carpet encounters with other stars and their loved ones, however hopeful, making an appearance at the acclaimed Dolby Theater. Other productions expected to sweep through Oscar history include Green Book, Bohemian Rhapsody, If Beale Street Could Talk and Roma.


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JingDong’s Effort To Making Trading and Delivery Of Goods Possible Even For Retail Traders


Jingdong Mall is the moniker that is behind the name of JD.com. Jingdong was created through a creative merge of Richard Liu’s name and that of a girlfriend. Regardless of how it got its name it is quite successful and been in existence since 2004. Richard Liu Qiangdong has been working and some form of business since 1998.

Liu is among the top entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. After launching his first online retail website sometime in 2004, he founded his JD.com only a year later.

Jingdong retail stores were known as brick and mortar before they were all closed in 2004. But with technology, an article published in January the 10th this year suggest that the stores are to stay. This can be summarized with three statements. They are; smart consumption which deals with providing customers with the ability to try out objects while in their houses or while driving, smart supply concerned with making retailers able to predict any information concerning sales, price changes, latest and most bought brands and lastly smart logistics which ensures timely delivery of goods and products. View Related Info Here.

The three combined give any retailer brick and mortar included all the information they need. This can range from the customer’s needs, how customers behave in different situations, how customers behave at different times of the year among others. This not only improves the opportunities of the entrepreneurs but can be a great way to change customer experience positively.

 Jingdong Mall, led by Liu Qiangdong is still the leading retailer in China and has remained in business for over a decade despite the challenging times on the way. Throughout the years, the company has managed to make collaborations with the remaining retail entrepreneurs who do their business offline. This collaboration has built a network of traders that can cover an estimate of 99% of Chinas population. The collaboration has also made the delivery of products 90% more efficient with over 90% deliveries to goods ordered done the same day. While making advancements to their technology, Jingdong is providing delivery of goods as a service to other retail owners. This is a great way to make a reality the brick and mortar retail experience.

Though online trading and products delivery is not a support for business it exists as a vital instrument in staying ahead in any market. Smart Consumption has brought together offline retailers and online retailers as well as customers. It has also brought technology like virtual reality and augmented reality. Smart Supply through the support of Artificial Intelligence and the use of databases has enabled prediction based on customers observed traits. This can help determine the number of products to be delivered and the amount of time. Smart logistics has made the movement of products within stores and to customers easy by avoiding traffic effectively and the ability to follow scheduled routes


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The Success Of JD.com And Jingdong And its Advancement


JD.com refers to the largest retailer in China while Rakuten is the leading international innovation firm alongside e-commerce that reached an agreement which will see the autonomous delivery robots and drones of JD.com applied under the Rakuten’s unsupervised delivery remedies across Japan.

Looking at its origin before transformation, it began as JD.com which was an integration of the founder’s name and that of the girlfriend he then had. A crisis threatening its future arose and the founder had to reconsider a transformation to make things work and avoid collapsing. Consequently, this is how the name and role of the company became transformed. It is worth noting that a lot of advancements from that time onwards.

In line with the contract, JD.com is set to incorporate its expertise in the development of autonomous robots and drones alongside the knowledge of Rakuten in the services of drone delivery in Japan like its dedicated apps for shopping. Therefore, a collaboration of the two companies on the lineup of Rakuten is important alongside the unmanned service delivery meant to fit various circumstances and applications.

It was in the year 2016 that Rakuten executed the launch of its service of drone delivery. It has gained a lot of experience with the provision of delivery services as well as the attempts in the collaborations alongside the corporate partners as well as the local governments. 2018 marked the initial delivery trial that was done through an incorporation of the robots and drones. The step was significant towards the solution of the challenge of the last mile concerning the sector of logistics in Japan.

JD started the development of its drone initiative in the year 2015. The world’s initial drone deliveries happened a year later within rural China. At the moment, its operations on drones continue in different provinces including Shaanxi and Jiangsu. In the first month of 2019, the firm announced the prosperity of the first drone approved by the government in Indonesia and this paved the way for the rest of the commercial drone applications in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. At the China ground, the delivery robots are utilized in the urban sections across cities. Their frequency keeps increasing in campuses and office parks. Go To This Page for additional information.


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