Dick DeVos: An Entrepreneur and Charitable Billionaire

Dick DeVos is one of the few billionaires who find time to give back to the community. Over the years, Dick has contributed an enormous amount of money to different charities. Dick and his wife have donated $139 million to be precise.



Following Betsy DeVos nomination to the Secretary of Education position, the couple was mandated to provide information to the vetting committee. However, they decided to post the report for the public to see. The public officials greatly criticized the move. They cited that it was a ploy to have the public turn a blind eye to their political contribution.



In the report, the couple has contributed approximately $139 million in their lifetime. In 2015, the couple donated $ 26 million to different organizations. $11 million of that was directed to the education system. Dick DeVos commented that the reason for their support to the education system was due to their passion for the system.



The couple has founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Through the Foundation, the couple has donated millions in support of Education communities and free-market organizations.



Dick and his wife founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy which was the first public charter school in the State. Aside from that, they support the ArtPrize through their Foundation. It is an art competition in Grand Rapids.



Work Experience



Dick DeVos is a successful entrepreneur, and he has built his career through hard work despite coming from a wealthy family. Dick career began when he joined the Amway Corporation. This is a family business founded by Richard DeVos Sr. The Amway Corporation is a Multi Level Marketing Company focused on household and lifestyle products.



Dick joined the Company in 1974 and was in charge of research and development, marketing, sales, and finance. In 1984, he was promoted to the post of Vice President of the Company. He was put in charge of operations in 18 countries.



In 1991, his father acquired the Orlando Magic, and Dick was appointed the President of the Company. Dick resigned as the president in 1993 and rejoined the Amway as the President. Under his leadership, the company achieved great success. At the time he was leaving, Amway had generated $4.5 billion in sales.



During his tenure, Dick participated in the restructuring of the Amway Corporation. The restructuring led to the foundation of Alticor. He acted as the president of the company before resigning.



Dick has also served as the President of Windquest Group. It is a privately held investment company.



Political Involvement



In 1990, he won the election to the Michigan State Board of Education, and he resigned after two years.



In 2006, Dick entered the Michigan Gubernatorial race. He lost the race, but he remains to be the richest person to enter the race.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.


Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Preaching The Importance Of Pension Reform

Now that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has taken over as the chief executive at Banco Bradesco, he faces a wide range of challenges when it comes to the future of the company. Reform is going to need to take place in a variety of different sectors in order for the company to triumph over the long haul.


When it comes to the necessary structural reforms that are about to take place, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is preaching the importance of one in particular. He has referred to the need for pension reform and has even gone so far as to refer to this reform as the most important of all.


Referring to pension reform as “the mother” of all necessary reform, he says that these measures need to be implemented as quickly as possible. He hopes to have all of the necessary measures implemented by the time the medium-term rolls around. This allows the government to successfully meet the required ceiling as far as public spending is concerned.


In order for this reform to take place, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi states that reform can and should be approved before the elections take place. He is not sure if this is certain to take place, but his recent remarks were delivered with a less than hopeful tone. Trabuco is uncertain as to whether the proper strides will be made by the time this year is over.


Trabuco is particularly worried about the consequences that are going to take place if the reform does not take place within the proper amount of time. He is urging all of the parties involved to do what needs to be done so that there are no increases to the costs of financing with the Treasury.


The nation’s fiscal condition will deteriorate tremendously if the proper agreement is not reached and Trabuco believes that a major conflict that is going to take place. He is looking to create a pact that will last over the course of several generations. The proper traction is already taking place in the credit sector and the increase in overall demand is also promising. Click Here for more information.


However, credit to repay debt has yet to catch up and working capital still needs to be altered. In positive news, the BC + Agenda has already been fulfilled and the spreads fall will take place eventually. Trabuco remains confident that the bets that are being placed on future interest are going to be fulfilled going forward and he believes that the remainder of 2018 should be positive regardless of how the elections turn out.


The economy has been placed in the proper condition to grow and improve going forward. This is one of the main reasons why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is confident about the direction that is being taken. Unfortunately, the projected interest rate for the next two to three years is believed to be high and this has curdled some of the enthusiasm that Trabuco has previously displayed. Only time will tell if the obstacles that exist are going to be able to be cleared.


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Gregory Aziz Leadership As The Head Of The National Steel Car

1Gregory James Aziz through his skills has restored the glory of the National Steel Car Company. Most of the ideas that have been integrated into the system of the firm were made by Aziz as the president of the National Steel Car. The primary aimed that he made as the head of the company was to put all the matters regarding the engineering at the required standard in the market. The step that he took to ensure the target is achieved is making the operation of the company fits the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. The strategy that can Greg used to involve employees is by use of ideas sharing to encourage the issues related to the innovation perfect in the company.


The move offered a secret means at the National Steel Car that workers can pass ideas to the management which can be used to improve the company. The other strategy for involving employees is by use of task force; this is a group of individuals selected to research and endorse a solution for a given issue at the National Steel Car.


When the team has come up with the clarification, it is dissolved. The great ideas that the company has set in place through the skills of James Aziz are used by management to update workers about the condition of the firm, and how it is working to meet future objectives.


The operations pertaining the new ideas in the company take place in different forms to ensure the means of excellent coordination among the members of the organization is achieved. The strategy is delegating authority where the National Steel Car organization executive shows respect to its workers by trusting them to make choices which are necessary when carrying out the duties. Click Here to learn more.


Most of the matters taking place at the National Steel Car are employee-centered. It gives employees a priority to pass the suggestion which can be utilized in making decisions. Employees have an opportunity to suggest changes on issues that can negatively affect them. Furthermore, employees are not discriminated irrespective of their suggestions as it has been part of the objective of the company through James Aziz. The excellent strategy that employees can use to pass suggestions particularly on matters pertaining the new ideas in the company is prioritized.


Gregory J Aziz is a proficient economist from University of Western Ontario. He assisted in the Affiliated Foods Company which was family business to set the objective that boosted the firm in the market of Europe.

Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a revolutionary makeup line that has changed the makeup game every since coming out and taking the makeup industry by storm. It has been described as a freeing, unique, carefree type of makeup brand. It is also one of the 1st digitally-native makeup companies. It has become very popular on the social media platforms as well as many online sites. The trends and style of Lime Crime has taken the internet storm. They have changed the way the beauty world looks and calls fashion.   Lime Crime is about expressing your self without any apologizing and doing and wearing as you feel, free of judgement. The brand also caters to so many unique styles and senses of beauty that you can wear this makeup brand and feel that it fits your individual style and mood. They have a style for every kind of event, mood or occasion you can think of.   Also it’s good to know that Lime Crime has succeeded in being one of the few to be certified vegan and also a Cruelty-Free company. This exciting, entertaining makeup brand is the one to keep you on your feet and wanting more! So how did this makeup company become all of this and more? Well lets learn how creator came up with this innovative, creative line!   Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of her own created cosmetic line, Lime Crime. She was born in Russia but raised in the city of New York. Doe Deere made it her mission to show the world that cosmetics did more than hide scars but proved to people that it can be a beauty expression and a form of individual freedom. Doe has proved that makeup doesn’t have to look natural to look beautiful but it can fit whatever a person wants it to fit and do for them.   Doe Deere wanted to create a bold, highly pigmented and very vibrant makeup line. She started off by creating her own clothing line. She was designing and making her own designs independently. After doing that for a while she decided to create her own makeup to wear that would complement the clothing she designed on her online website. Realizing she couldn’t find those popping, bright colors she was looking for, that’s why she came up with the idea to just make them herself.   Doe Deere is a huge supporter of other women owned businesses and women who are looking to become entrepreneurs. She has spoken a lot on achieving your dreams, finding your unique voice and following your goals and dreams. She also makes sure that other women know that they can reach out to her when they need advice and mentoring through her Instagram.   Doe Deere has said that her productivity as an entrepreneur has came from her keeping her vision alive and believing in it and her customers. She keeps in her mind what her goals are and who her customers are which helps her focus on making great plans with good confidence. Also keeping her brand a positive one has help her build good partnerships which has also made and kept her business a success!   Follow Doe Deere on Instagram.

Doe Deere & Her Vegan Friendly Cosmetics

Brightly bold colors and intensely deep hues is a great representation of Lime Crime cosmetics. Ever since 2008, the cosmetics industry has been on fire thanks to this hot new brand. This brand is known as Lime Crime, and it has taken over the game thanks to its fine attributes. Doe Deere, fashion designer and CEO of the company, has embedded her very own personal style right into the products. Deere is no introvert by any means, and her cosmetics perfectly personifies this notion to the fullest. Bumps and bruises are all part of doing business and Lime Crime is no exception to the rule. Fortunately, this company has strong leadership and has a very strong sense of purpose to correct any imbalances. Lime Crime is animal cruelty-free as well as being 100 percent vegan. These dynamic attributes helps the company standout amongst its many competitors.


Doe Deere has ushered-in many unique colors. The titles of each color are one-of-a-kind, which includes shroom, cashmere, alien, pansy, utopia, flamingo, cupid, red velvet, pink velvet, black velvet, wicked, bleach and many others. Deere is very progressive in nature, and her unicorn-inspired brand is always looking to expand. For 2018, the company will introduce even more flavor into the mix with the colors of lilac, lavender and various interpretations of purple. Many of the brand’s colors tend to ooze sex appeal. Lilac and lavender has appeared in Lime Crime’s new Venus 3 eyeshadow palettes. At $38 per palette, this product is sure to be a big seller. Finding your niche in such a heavily populated market can be a bit difficult. “Always think about the next big innovation and look for gaps in the market,” said Deere. This is great advice because it has certainly worked for her. Before Lime Crime’s introduction, Deere had already noticed that the industry was lacking in dynamic colors. Of course, she jumped on the chance to launch an eclectic style of brand and it has worked.


In the early stages of the game, Deere was an army of one, but as of today, she has a team of talented individuals that truly helps her with creating new products. If a product doesn’t seem like it will work, the team will just scrap the product and start over from scratch. All in all, we’re still in the early stages of Doe Deere’s career, but who knows what she has in store for the years to come. Learn more: https://bellissimabe.com/missing-doe-deeres-unicorn-collection-crime/


Avatrade’s Best Features In Review

The most important thing anyone can do when they decide to get into something as huge as forex trading is to first invest in a proper introduction to the system behind it. This isn’t something that any regular trading platform will give you. Avatrade stands out above others for the fact that it has been designed to do exactly this. It gives you the ability to try out forex trading for yourself without many of the hassles you’d have to deal with. This has enabled people to get into forex trading who otherwise would never consider it.


The practice accounts Avatrade gives you are the best feature. It basically makes learning the basics and developing a routine pretty easy. Once you have your fun with the practice account you can move onto actual trading. Obviously, you want to make sure that you have all the information you need to keep your investments in the right place. That’s easy to do with this platform. You are given all of the information you need to make and that info is updated on a regular basis to give you an accurate idea of what you’re getting into. This kind of support hasn’t been so easily found by so many people before.


Ultimately, the best features of Avatrade review are those that can be seen in the way the platform makes forex trading into something intuitive and gives veterans a chance to enter into something greater. There are dozens of currencies you can choose from and beyond those currencies you can even get into the world of cryptocurrencies. That opportunity means that anybody who feels like getting into this will have no problem finding what they want and prospering. Forex has been around since the dawn of civilization but it’s only been easy to get into since the rise of the internet. We can now find out for ourselves if we’re going to like it. You just need to apply yourself and there will be chances to make forex trading into a lucrative endeavor if you so choose to do that with your time and money.

For an excellent pediatric surgeon like Dr. Saad Saad, accolades for his medical work and inventions are part of his exemplary career.

Now retired from his practice as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad was an inventor and a man who received worldwide accolades from his medical peers, his patients, and heads of specific nations. Dr. Saad has had an impressive career in his 40 plus years as a Pediatric Surgeon and physician. Dr. Saad Saad is in a class all to himself for his achievements and recognition as a medical practitioner. The American Board of Surgery recognized Dr. Saad Saad as a board-certified pediatric surgeon.


Dr. Saad Saad has done thousands of complicated pediatric surgeries on children — many in the range of infants to pre-teen. Saad’s primary location of practice was in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad has done pro bono surgeries as part of his eight medical missions to Jerusalem and many pro bono surgeries on many poor Arab children.


Why did Dr. Saad choose medicine as a career?


Dr. Saad noted that he had contemplated becoming an engineer like a few of his brothers had done. However, he chose to work in the air-conditioned rooms as a surgeon instead of the brutally hot summers of Kuwait. Dr. Saad has used the engineering side of his talents to invent and patent two devices, as well as the medical milieu to be a successful and world-renowned surgeon.


What is Dr. Saad’s Educational Background Like?


Dr. Saad Saad earned a medical degree in 1971 from Cairo University’s School of Medicine in Egypt, and graduated with honors at the top of his graduating class, ranking second. Saad also gave the commencement speech at his college graduation.



How Did Dr. Saad Saad Get To Work For the Saudi Royal Family?


As the only board-certified pediatric surgeon in the U.S. to speak both Arabic and English, Dr. Saad Saad was able to impress the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia for his surgical work to be welcomed to live there with his family for over four years, beginning in 1985.


Dr. Saad Saad noted that his stay in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia turned out to be a very positive experience for him and his family. Dr. Saad was delighted to apply his impressive surgical skills to help some of the Saudi Arabia’s prestigious patients. Dr. Saad Saad was able to gain the trust of the Royal Family. Dr. Saad Saad also provided lectures about his surgical techniques and medical knowledge to a surgical club.


Because of his excellence in pediatric surgery, he and his family have been able to enjoy meeting and visiting people, worldwide. Some of the countries he has been to besides Saudia Arabia and the United States has been Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Ghana, Egypt, and the United Kingdom. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Prepared To Hand Over Bradesco Presidency To Octavio De Lazari

The Brazilian Banking sector is yet to witness a more consistent individual with persistence and focus. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the outgoing President of Bradesco Group. It does not come as a surprise to many who knew him that Mr. Trabuco is the head of a leading Brazilian bank and insurance company. It is clear that the success of the Insurance industry and the Banking sector are tied to the performance of the economy. Mr. Trabuco is upbeat about the trends.

Mr. Trabuco has been awarded severally in various categories. Some of the highlights in the Insurance industry include the award for Insurance Personality of the Year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also awarded the entrepreneur of the year in 2015. He ingeniously led Bradesco to purchase HSBC, a move that shot the group back to its status as one of the best banks in Brazil. He is now preparing to hand over the presidency of the bank.

A Long-Standing Career

Mr. Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked with Bradesco for the longest period among the staff of the bank. With over 38 years serving in various capacities, culminating in the presidency of the bank, Mr. Trabuco Cappi acquired the skills he needed to choose the best for the bank. He also enriched the insurance wing with the long-standing banking experience. He is known to be a strong advocate for the selling of insurance policies via brokers according to istoedinheiro.com.br.

Follow Luiz Carlos Trabuco on LinkedIn

His Views Regarding the Insurance Sector

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi believes that the state needs insurance more than anything in its social welfare pursuits. He points out that insurance is an important tool in the maintenance of social welfare. He further states that since Brazil is evolving fast, the insurance sector is experiencing the urgency to expand. It had been a low moment for the Bradesco investors because prior to Mr. Trabuco’s entry, Bradesco had just lost the pride of being the leading bank to its main rival Itau Unibanco. Shortly after his appointment to the position, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was interviewed and asked what his opinion was regarding losing out to Itau, in terms of leadership in the banking sector. Mr. Trabuco indicated that it was not his priority to lead other banks; rather he thought that providing the best service for customers as the core agenda. Indeed, Mr. Trabuco embarked on a customer service campaign that helped to build trust among the existing customers and its prospective clients. Mr. Trabuco managed to increase the number of the bank’s customers and even recorded the highest recruitment rate just after a few months. There was a point when Bradesco was recruiting up to 3500 customers per day. With that number of accounts being opened every day, the bank was set to become greater. Mr. Trabuco also helped to build strong links between the bank and the media.


It has come to a point that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has to pave way for a new President. Mr. Trabuco’s term was extended by two years from 65 to 67 two years ago. Mr. Octavio De Lazari has been chosen to succeed Mr. Trabuco at the helm. Mr. Octavio is also an experienced hand in the bank.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

The Continued Success of the Heroic Inspiration, CEO Gregory Aziz

A journey of a thousand miles commences with a single step and every fruitful tree grew from a seed. Everything on the face of the earth requires time to pass over it so as to bring forth their full potential. Mr. Greg Aziz who is the Chairman, the President and the CEO of the National Steel Car Company in Hamilton, which is among the leading companies globally in railroad freight car manufacturing, has his own giants he has fought in his journey to success. Mr. Greg Aziz was born in 1949 in London and schooled at Ridley College and later joined University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics.


Being thoroughly equipped as an Economist, he started working at their wholesale food business; Affiliated Foods, in 1971 and he put in his efforts and the business grew to be a global importer of various fresh foods and distributer all over the US and on Eastern Canada. In his 1980s Gregory J Aziz started investing in various banking opportunities which favored him and was able to move to the next level of his life. In 1994 he was able to make a purchase of National Steel Car Company with an aim of making it one of the best railroad freight car manufacturing companies in North America.


1Mr. James Aziz’s unwavering commitment led to the expansion of the company’s manufacturing capacity from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per years. This only occurred after 5years of Aziz incorporation of engineering capabilities, capital investment, enough labor force, and even teamwork. It is unbelievable that in the same period the number of employees rose to nearly 3,000 who were previously 600. He has been in various executive roles which have given him a vast experience in the business world. Besides being the National Steel Car Limited’s CEO and Chairmen, he is the CEO and Chairman of National Industries, Inc.


In addition to Greg Aziz being a great pillar and cornerstone, to this company, the employees and customers have contributed immensely to the success of the company which they have achieved together as a team. Currently, National Steel Car is one of the most innovative, diverse and much driven than before, always aiming at raising the bar and the quality of their products according to the needs of their customers. The company is a jewel to Hamilton community and a major sponsor of various charity organizations in the region. James Greg and his wife Irene are major sponsors of the most famous agricultural fair in Canada, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  Visit This Page for additional information.

End Citizens United Is Changing The Face Of National Politics

The state of politics in America is abysmal thanks to the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United vs. FEC. Since then, we have seen more dark money pour into American politics than ever before. That’s thanks to corporate super PACs funding their own interests and promising a green-lined pocket to any politician that is willing to play ball.

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that is dedicated to ending the careers of politicians who choose to support big moneyed interests over those they are elected to support. The Big Money 20 is a hit list of Republican politicians that have knowingly accepted large corporate PAC donations and have knowingly supported legislation to allow even more corporate donations.

One of the prime targets on the list is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, who accepted more than $3 million in outside spending during his election bid of 2012. Cruz even went so far as to introduce a new bill that would allow corporate interests and mega-donors to contribute an unlimited amount of money directly to candidates seeking re-election. He’s been very brazen in how much he believes that money should equal speech and he believes any effort at campaign finance reform is an effort to silence citizens.

That’s why End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke, who is Cruz’s Democratic challenger in the 2018 elections. Many people have downplayed O’Rourke’s chances of unseating Cruz since Texas hasn’t sent a Democrat to one of its Senate seats since 1988. However, O’Rourke’s commitment to campaign finance reform and his refusal to accept corporate money has made him a favorite with Texans who are tired of the same Republican representation they’ve had for years.

In fact, there’s at least one Democrat challenging a Republican in all 36 congressional races during this year’s midterm elections. Most of those challenges will be an uphill battle, but with help from grassroots organizations like End Citizens United, it’s possible for the people to take Texas back from those who think more money = more speech. End Citizens United was founded in 2015 and is hoping to raise more than $35 million dollars during the 2018 midterm elections to support candidates like O’Rourke.

It’s entirely possible to change the way politicians are funded, but the first step is voting for those politicians who support campaign finance reform and more transparency in election funding. End Citizens United continues to endorse Democratic candidates that refuse to accept donations from corporate PACs and promotes the idea that every single citizen’s voice matters, no matter how much money you have. The average donation to the organization during the 2016 election was just $14. E Pluribus Unum, from many one. That’s the way America should be and that’s what End Citizens United hopes to achieve.