Richard Mishaan Design Offering Industry Leading Consumer Experience

Richard Mishaan is a famous designer who has built his name as one of the talented leader and an entrepreneur. The innovative expert has been creating timeless and artistic interior designs for more than 25 years. The former fashion designer established Richard Mishaan Design firm to handle commercial and residential clients. Richard attributes his success to his ability to keep striving.


Clients who have used Mishaan services agree that the ultimate result of his work is a stylistically extensive space with various elements that effortlessly work together. His knowledge in fashion, interior design, and architecture plus the vibrant company culture allows him to come up with an in-depth insight of luxury and style.


Why Richard Mishaan Design is the Best


Mishaan works with a team of experienced and knowledgeable interior designers who constantly endeavor to surpass customer expectations by developing unique masterpieces for every project they handle. He has reached new markets that the existing artists never saw as an opportunity. Richard blends ancient work and modern ideas to give his clients a unique design.


Richard Mishaan Design takes enough time to analyze the culture, personal tastes, and way of life of each clientele before working on their order. This enables him to come up with holistic and personalized designs that match the unique style preferences of the client. The avid traveler uses this hobby to acquire new ideas from the beauty he sees.


Personal Background


Mishaan is of Columbian origin and started his profession at the office of Phillip Johnson as an intern. He graduated from the New York University with a BA before joining Columbia School of Architecture. He has worked on various high-end assignments, like lavish residential properties and homes. The experience and knowledge he garnered gave Mishaan unique set of skills and confidence to establish his firm. Richard passion for creating unique and memorable styles has contributed to his success at Richard Mishaan Design.

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