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An article from Dermatology Times brought up 10 stories regarding dermatology care. A lot of dermatologists now realize that not only is acne not a disease but using antibiotics will not be good to cure them. Some dermatologists don’t understand the difference between acne and pityrosporum folliculitis, a disease that is similar to acne but is found in the hair. A dermatologist named Seemal R. Desai pointed out that there are treatments made for melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Dermatology Times brings up that The American Academy of Dermatology recently updated the guidelines regarding primary cutaneous melanoma treatment. A rare disease called frontal fibrosing alopecia just became common after being reported 30 years ago. Dermatology apps such as Doctor Derm, Mollie’s Fund, and uDerm, are regarded to be the best options to use.

There have also been recent treatment options for anyone facing acne scarring from acne vulgaris, as well as treatment ides that Zoe Diana Draelos brought up with skin care products that anyone with diseased skin can use and both clinical advances for anyone that has atopic dermatitis or hormonal acne for young women.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a veteran dermatologist and is also the man responsible for the Treasure Coast Dermatology, which specialized in providing medical care that’s driven by years of experience in the field dermatology. After years of training at from several medical classes in Miami and Florida, he kickstarted the career that he still works with to this day. Tim Ioannides, the forefather of Treasure Coast Dermatology, is renowned for proactive attitude to dermatology practice.

Aside from working with Treasure Coast, Dr. Tim Ioannides was also involved with several American Society groups, which are dermatology, Mohs surgery, and dermatologic surgery, among other related groups. His other work includes being involved with several charities and teaching any aspiring dermatologists at the University of Miami School of Medicine, so his students can succeed like him.


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