Whitney Wolfe Enterprising and Successful Young Female Entrepreneur

     The world of dating has seen many dating apps and websites come and go, but one of the recent dating apps that have been in the news lately for all the right reasons is Bumble. It is a dating app that encourages women to make the first move and doesn’t allow male members to contact women first. Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, and she is confident of the success of the app. In only four years of its existence, it has managed to get over 25 million members, and the count is increasing with every passing day. The Bumble is live and operational in ten countries presently, and Whitney Wolfe says that people across the globe can expect to use Bumble soon when it is launched in other countries as well. The fact that Bumble only allows women to message male members first has helped the women to get a clean and refreshing experience on Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has considerable experience in the tech and dating business and seeing the growth of Bumble helped her to think outside the box. Her latest plan to help Bumble grow included the addition of two new branches of Bumble, namely Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. The Bumble BFF is an extension of Bumble that would help the members make friends online. Whitney Wolfe says that why to use such a huge member base only to help people find dates when people can also interact with each other and make friends. Similarly, Bumble Bizz is used by the members to find people in the same profession or mentors. The system is easy to use, and there are many members out there, so rest assured match is more or less, guaranteed always.

Whitney Wolfe says that Bumble Bizz has a lot of potential to grow, and even compete with Linkedin in the future. Bumble Bizz is a professional networking platform inside Bumble, where the members yet have the options to upload their work samples, skills, and resume. It can not only help find jobs but also get new references and meet new people in the same industry. If used correctly, Bumble Bizz can help build a much stronger and efficient professional network than Linkedin. Bumble Bizz limits its search area for each user, which support the members find professionals in the same geographical region. Whitney Wolfe is confident that with time, Bumble Bizz would grow to become the biggest competitor of Linkedin in the future.


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